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Sprains & Strains

Sprains & Strains Products

Belts & Braces


Tynor OAC Lumbo Sacral Belt - Large
Tynor Lacepull L.S Belt Large to XL
Tynor Ls Belt - Large
Tynor Lumbo Lacepull Brace Spl. Size



Arogya Thrive 717 massager
Arogya Portable Massage Chair
Back Cushion Massager with Kneading and Heating for home and car - Grinhealth
Arogya Face Massager 5 in 1

Support & Splints


Tynor Knee Cap - L Pair
LP Hinged Knee Support 710 - Medium
Oppo Cervical Collar
Orthocura Tennis Elbow Brace

Drug Free Pain Relief


Buzzy Mini Healthcare Striped
Medishield Automatic Cervical Traction Device
Viopatch Pain Relief Patch - Large pack of 10
Viopatch Pain Relief Patch - Regular pack of 30

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