sound sleep 7 additions to bedroom

7 Bedroom Essentials for a Good Night’s Sleep

The 21st century has brought about significant changes in the lifestyle of most individuals. While on one hand, people have become increasingly concerned about health and fitness, owing to their…

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Accusure Products – an ISO 9001 company : Accurate Bhi Aur Sure Bhi

Brand value been an arbitrary term that been looked upon by all classes of citizens a pivotal aspect of consideration before purchasing a product. The general demographic always been predisposed…

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top 12 shoulder pain relief products In india - which can help

Top 12 Shoulder Pain Relief Products In India – Which Can Help

Most of us become rather lackadaisical and to a great extent, ungrateful for what we have, and this is not just confined to the walls of material belongings, but extends…

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top 10 bp monitors machine

Top 10 Blood Pressure Monitors in India

 “The heart wants what it wants” – It is a millennial claim today whether talking about political affiliations, choice of phone or the flavour of coffee one would scout for…

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How to Monitor and Control Your Blood Pressure in 2021

As marvelous as it may be, the human body is a conglomeration of simple elements, mainly water, a few elements, and certain minerals, and the concoction of one of them…

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demystify diabetes and remedies at home in 2021

Demystify Diabetes and Remedies at Home in 2021

What is Diabetes? If doctors were asked what they believe is the 21st century version of the Black Plague that affected millions in Europe, they’d undoubtedly say it is Diabetes….

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Diabetes Mellitus Management : 3 Case Studies

Dr Sunil Mishra, Endocrinologist, Medanta Hospital Managing diabetes is always a challenge, here I present three case scenario with diabetes mellitus, to highlight some important unnoticed aspects of management Diabetes…

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5 Best Nebuliser Machines in the Indian Market

Modernisation in the country, be it the ever-increasing number of skyscrapers or factories, or the incessant rise in the number of vehicles on the road—all have been accumulating the problem…

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heating pad in indian market

Top 9 Heating Pads In Indian Market

With winters seeping into the country as much as it is in one’s bones, it would be rather blissful to expect (and receive) any warmth one can garner—a hot cup…

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best massager review

Top 9 Best Massagers in India: 2021 Reviews & Buying

How to Choose the Best Massager ? With the idea of achieving the “American dream”, humans have unknowingly turned their rather interesting lives into a conglomeration of mundane, daily chores,…

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7 Best Posture Corrector Devices for Home and Office 2021

The paradigm of ‘office work’ shifting into a more controlled environment. After all, work from home is slowly but surely becoming the norm specially in new normal post pandemic onset…

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