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inception of meddey - the idea

It was the first ray of winter sun during the year 2016 when the founder realized that one of his acquaintance is suffering from chronic back pain and was totally relying on medicine and traditional remedies, completely unaware of advanced medical gadgets which might help improve his lifestyle and thus potential relief!
Having spent 20+ years in healthcare and with a deeper understanding of situations, it dawned that a dependable medical companion is the only way to help ease the suffering and "Meddey" - the buddy - came to life.
Meddey Cub is a friend and a coach, not only spreading awareness about lifestyle diseases as a preventive measure but also providing support & valued solutions with the only objective of seeing a healthy world. His blue eyes shine for vitality and passion with an aim to lift your spirits of life!!


We, at Meddey, are set out with a single purpose – to see a healthy You!!

We aspire to get all individuals, closer to living the dream of a life free from distress. Meddey is uniquely positioned to realize this dream by being your health buddy. We make sure that your health gets priority by providing genuine healthcare and wellness products of incredible value backed with expert advice from Meddey's professional team.

Meddey Values

Meddey was born with the need to engage with healthcare professionals and consumers to deliver Superior Quality, Incredible Value at the Right Price. Meddey promises it's associates an exceptional experience with most diverse and intuitive product selection for patients suffering from chronic diseases or in need of rehabilitation. We are passionate about our values:

  • Superior Quality: We deliver the best quality in healthcare products.
  • Incredible Value: We make sure that the Value of our products is unmatched.
  • Right Price: We understand your need for affordable healthcare & match it.
meddey values

Our Mission

We, at Meddey, are committed to achieving the highest quality for our associates and patients. We shall fulfil this commitment by creating a world-class seamless platform for connected care and bring about a paradigm shift in healthcare access and delivery by making it value based.

Meet Our Founders

pawan arora

Co Founder & CEO

Sometimes, suffering is an inspiration to build a better world. Sometimes, we yearn for a buddy more… this gave birth to Meddey – My Health Buddy

Pawan has a rich experience of over 24 years in the healthcare industry, specifically with medical devices & equipment’s. Prior to following his vision of a ‘Healthy You! (free from distress), Pawan was working with Medtronic Inc, a Global Leader in Medical Technology, Services & Solutions, where he was leading the integration office for acquired entities and was managing various business, marketing, sales and operations positions at South Asia level. Before joining Medtronic Inc, Pawan was working for the healthcare arm of Wipro.

Pawan has many accolades & prestigious internal awards to his name like President’s club, Emerging leader, Best International Award etc and has also been recognized in many national & international professional organizations like Bone & Joint Forum, IMA-CGP, IOA, IGASS. He has also attended and been a panelist at various industry forums & business schools.

Alok Kapur

Co Founder & CTO

"Alok has been a fantastic leader and a wise & trusted friend. Having worked in a highly complex sector and extremely challenging environment, I look forward to building a strong technology backed and customer oriented business with Alok. The experiences gained shall create huge value to the organization and its stakeholders", Meddey Technologies Founder and CEO Pawan Arora said in a statement, when Alok formally became part of in Oct 2017.

Alok joined Vodafone (then Hutch) in 2004 and over the past 14 years has served in various roles ranging from Chief Technology Officer for Punjab & HP and subsequently for UPW & Uttrakhand and as Sr. Vice President (Planning) based at the Vodafone India Corporate office at Mumbai, before joining as co-founder & CTO of the Meddey Technologies.

Alok is managing Technology & Operations and is working towards building a differentiated customer experience at various Meddey touch points.

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Customer Reviews

Lovleen Chawla (Entrepreneur)

I spoke with the experts at meddey after some convincing from my friend. Having used many knee packs for quite some time, I was a little hesitant in taking advice. Their expert explained pros n cons of various options like water bag, electric, gel and lentils, we choose lentil based contoured hot pack which snuggly fits the knee.I have to admit, I did not repent over my decision of going with their suggestion. The contoured knee pack from meddey has proven to be better than any I have used so far. Thanks to meddey and it's expert help I got right solution for my mother.

Lt.Col. R.C. Rattan (Retd.)

I am thankful to meddey for their swift and effective service. I needed a blood pressure monitor and it was delivered at my doorstep within a day of raising the request. The quality of their service is wonderful.

Vijendra Singh Jafa IAS (Retd.)

The orthopedic seat I purchased from you on 18th November 2016 has helped me immensely and brought great relief to my lower spinal pain. It is very soft and comfortable. I am using it almost all the time while sitting on chairs and sofas. I used it on the flight from Delhi to Dehradun and I use regularly in the car. It's a wonderful product. Thank you very much for delivering it with such speed and efficiency.

Dr.Geetanjali Nanda (Doctor)

My husband brought the Lumo lift for me from meddey after speaking with their team. My posture was going a little awry and of course, being doctors we know it would have long term implications. The lumo lift is a great posture feedback device and has been in the true sense a posture coach to me. I am already feeling better after three weeks of use.

Rachana Yaduvanshi (Working Professional)

I got in touch with meddey to find solution for my heel pain. I bought backjoy insoles which are very comfortable and amazingly light weight material! I can easily use these with multiple shoes. I also received very useful information material from meddey's expert on tips & exercises. Thank you meddey for truly being my health buddy!

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