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Our Story

Sometimes, suffering is an inspiration to build a better world. Sometimes, we yearn for a buddy more… this gave birth to Meddey – My Health Buddy!!

Meddey is a curated platform of health care products for chronic diseases..

Launched in late 2017, it has been serving customers spread over the length and breadth of the country for their healthcare and wellness needs. Till Dec 2020, almost 1 lakh people have benefitted from the innovative and vast product range delivered at their doorstep backed by a very responsive customer support.

Our DNA has been to play a very important role not only in treatment but also in diagnostic and prevention and we are well poised to do our bit in partnership with our clinical stakeholders.

Meddey Cub was conceptualized as a friend and a coach, not only spreading awareness about lifestyle diseases as a preventive measure but also providing support & valued solutions with the only objective of seeing a healthy world. His blue eyes shine for vitality and passion with an aim to lift your spirits of life!!

Medtech plays a pivotal role in prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and rehabilitation of chronic diseases, especially at non-clinical locations e.g. at home or workplace. Problem is that it's a very fragmented & unorganised market with diverse quality and price points. This makes it difficult for customers, and in many cases even clinicians, in selection and recommendation of the right product.

Most of the conditions shall need a wide cycle of products and clinical interventions based on disease progression and in such situations - expert help in selection, availability & right usage becomes very important for best outcome.

our mission
We, at Meddey, are committed to achieving the highest quality for our associates and patients. We shall fulfil this commitment by creating a world-class seamless platform for connected care and bring about a paradigm shift in healthcare access and delivery by making it value based.
pawan arora


Co Founder & CEO
Meddey is not just offering high quality, extremely reliable and "value for money" product solutions, its also an evangelistic platform bringing ease of selection of right products - thereby making a strong "partnership" in the whole lifecycle of disease management. We are proud to be the first choice of doctors, physiotherapists, paramedics not just for themselves but also for their patients!!
alok kapur


Co Founder & CTO
Impact of Medtech in our daily life has become extremely important with the new "normal" in our lives. E-consultation and connected care at home is the future and we, at Meddey, have a very important role to play by being a reliable source of products & solutions, delivered right at your doorstep! Role of health care professionals and the depth of partnership is the key "pillar" of Meddey's foundation. I am extremely excited to making a meaningful impact on billions of lives!!
our vision
Meddey will create a most admired platform for customers, clinicians and technology providers to seek best products and solutions for chronic diseases and bring life back on track!
Team in Action