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Anatomical Mannequin / Models

The three-dimensional portrayal of an animal or human autonomy is known as an Anatomical Mannequin. It helps medical students to examine the structural details of many organisms in the finest way possible or their components in a 3D manner. In most cases, the models can be easily dismantled/disassembled just in a way as you would see in a professional dissection surgery.

What does the word "Anatomical" mean?

The word ‘ anatomical ‘ means relating to the structure of bodies of animals and humans/people.

What actually is known to be Anatomy?

The study of the structure of an animal or a plant is referred to as Anatomy. The human anatomy generally includes tissues, cells, and organs that combine the body and the way how they are organized in a particular manner into the body.

What are the various anatomical features of the human body?

The detailed list of human anatomical features could include:

  • Head - Eye, Ear
  • Nose - Nostril
  • Mouth - Lip, Philtrum, Jaw, Mandible (Lower Jaw), Gingiva (Gums), Tooth, Tongue
  • Throat - Adam’s apple
  • Vertebral Column
  • Arm - Elbow, Wrist
  • Hands - Fingers, Thumb, Nails
  • Skin - Hair
  • Chest (Thorax) - Breast
  • Abdomen (Stomach)
  • Sex Organs - Penis ( Present in males ), Scrotum (Present in males), Vulva (Present in females)
  • Leg - Thigh
  • Knee - Kneecap
  • Shinbone
  • Calf
  • Ankle
  • Foot - Toes
  • Why are the Anatomical Mannequins need to be considered so important?

    The mannequins are the most efficient way of explaining the functions and anatomical relationship in structures that might be too small to discover competently in, what is known to be a ‘ cadaver ‘ or that are usually considered to be constrained by some other structures. So, the study of anatomy is considered to be enhanced and facilitated through the use of the best possible and most accurate anatomical mannequins.

    Why are Mannequins are considered to be really important while using them to study?

    Medical instructors and doctors make use of torso mannequins to demonstrate the complicated structure and functions of the internal organs. Human torso mannequins are considered to be an excellent study aid for medical students in order to gain a proper and deeper understanding of the structure of the human body and organs that are internally present.

    What are Anatomical Mannequins are usually made up of?

    Various kinds of plastic materials could be beneficial in manufacturing of anatomical mannequins for studying or practicing procedures. The most common material in research could be silicon because it is comparatively considered to be handled simply and does not require any special kind of lab equipment.

    What are all kinds of Anatomical Mannequins / Models available to purchase or study upon?

    There are ample varieties and categories of anatomical models/mannequins that are available for study purposes as well as for buying:
  • Skeleton Mannequins
  • Skull Models
  • Spine Models
  • Vertebrae Models
  • 3D Printed Anatomy Models
  • Muscle Models
  • Torso Modelss
  • Nervous System Models
  • Heart and Circulatory Models
  • Brain Models
  • Head and Neck Models
  • Eye Models
  • Ear, Nose, and Throat Models
  • Hand and Foot Models
  • Joint Models
  • Lung Models
  • Acupuncture Models
  • Anatomy Pathology Models
  • Breast Models
  • Dental Models
  • Digestive System Models
  • Acupuncture Models
  • Genital and Pelvis Models
  • Microanatomy Models
  • Skin Models
  • Urology Models
  • Microanatomy Models
  • CPR Training Models
  • AED Trainers Models
  • Fluoroscopy Trainers Models

  • What polymer is generally used in making the Anatomical Mannequins?
    PLA thermoplastic polymer is used to print all the models/mannequins because it is considered to be most widely suitable polymeric material.

    What type of a body is considered to be the perfect example of an Anatomical Mannequin?
    The height of the model should generally be between 5’9”-6”, The waist should be between 32”-36”, The hips should be between 33”-35” and the bust should be between 32”-36”.

    What body type is most suitable for the Mannequins / Models?
    The body type of a body most of the models are Ectomorphs. It is a type of a body type with little body fat, have long and lean structure and with a little fat too. The body type is as it had a hard time gaining some weight. Basketball players and fashion models can easily fall under this category.

    How can we take a good care of Anatomical Models?
    Anatomical Models are naturally made / designed to last with proper care of theirs. It can remain serviceable for classroom use if you clean the units and it can also make the handling of the model comparatively more hygienic which could result in lower cross contamination risks. The cleaning should be in a routine and it would just require soft cloth and a soapy water. A mild antibacterial clear could also help in minimizing the germs that naturally accompanies so many hands that touches the unit. You should be very careful while washing the mannequins with alcohol because it can crack the vinyl which is present on the model. So basically, just try avoiding alcohol.

    Different types of Mannequins and Anatomy Models for patients and paramedical education

  • Bones and Skeleton

  • Human Skeleton Life Size 180 cm

    A full size model on the stand, allows you to exemplify the basic movements, also features slipped disk and a vertebral artery. The skull part of the skeleton generally includes a top of skull, suture lines, movable jaw and three ( 3 ) removable lower teeth. The arms and the legs and also, pelvic mounted skeleton are removal if further required to study. The skeleton is too removable from it’s stand, If needed of course. It is could be considered a hard wearing and washable skeleton reproduction. The skeleton which would be made out of a plastic material would normally come with a stand and the five ( 5 ) caster stand surely ensure a stable as well as, a movable base.

    Human Skeleton Life Size 180 cm

    Skeleton 85 cm

    It is an extremely detailed model. It is considered to be perfect for studying functional and structural bones of the human body. The model could feature certain movable joints which could be used in explaining and studying the movements of the joints giving it a life like feel to it. It is displayed on the stand on order to get a perfect display. It is made up of high quality PVC.

    Skeleton 85 cm

    Disarticulated Human Skeleton Bilateral 200 Bones for Medical Students

    Adult Colored Skull (Life Size)

    This is considered to be the advance level of life-size skull model. The bones are painted in the different colors for precise study of the skull. It can be easily dismantled into parts. It is made up of PVC plastic.

    Skull Model With 8 Part Brain

    Skull with Eight (8) Part Brain (Life Size)

    It is an eight-part brain model which is further nested within the skull. The frontal and parietal lobe, occipital lobe and temporal, encephalic trunk and cerebellum are all easily identifiable on the brain model. The skull shows a details on the skull just like, foramens and fissures. The model consist of a movable jaw and three ( 3 ) removable teeth.

    Fetal skull model Delux

    Fetal Skull

    IIt is detailed in order to show the major structure of different bones in a skull. The mandible is a spring used to hang the skull in order to view the bone structure of the mouth. This mannequin is life like and is made up of PVC plastic materials.

    Human Pregnant Female Pelvis Section Model

    1 In Stock

    Flexible Adult Female Pelvis

    The pelvis model could also be manipulated to show how the pelvis generally moves to accommodate the delivery. Flexible anatomy could allow us to exaggerate movements in order to presenting it in front of a group. Three ( 3 ) separate bone segments are joined together with a flexible chord which result in helping viewers to visualize how the pelvic bones flex during the time of a delivery.

    Mini Spine Model with inter vertebral discs Size 40 cms

    Mini Spine Model

    It stands 45cm tall . The material which is make the model is an unbreakable PVC plastic. It represents the spinal nerve branches and a prolapsed L3-L4 intervertebral disc. It consist of the cervical, Thoracic and lumber vertebrae, Sacrum, Coccyx, Complete pelvis and femur heads. The model is mounted on the stand.

    Mini Coloured Spine 45 cm Tall Anatomical Model

    1 In Stock

    Mini Coloured Spine Model

    It generally stands 45cm tall. The model include cervical, Sacrum, coccyx, complete femur and pelvis heads and thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. The various regions of the vertebral column are colour coded to ease the identification. The representation of the spinal nerve branches and a prolapsed L3-L4 intervertebral disc. The model would be mounted on the stand.

    Lumbar Disc Herniation Spine Anatomical Model

    Lumber Sacrum with Herniated Disc

    The model normally features sacrum, Anatomy of lumbar spine, and coccyx. Also, shows the herniated lumbar disc.

    Vertebral Osteoporosis Anatomical Model

    Vertebral Osteoporosis Model

    The upper section of the model shows healthy bone structure, The middle section osteoporotic bone structure, and the lower section depict the advanced osteoporotic bone structure along with flattened plates. Shows the deformation and decreased bone mass.

    Lumbar Disc Herniation Spine Anatomical Model

    Disc Prolapse Simulator

    It generally demonstrates the principles of an intervertebral slipped disc in an interactive way. If the two ( 2 ) vertebrae are pressed the prolapse can be seen easily. The model comprises of two ( 2 ) lumbar vertebrae and an intervertebral disc.

    Lumbar Vertebrae Degeneration Anatomical Model

    Lumbar Vertebrae Degeneration Model

    This kind of model deflects the difference between a bulging disc, The variances of herniated disks, including the protruded and extruded discs and is completed with desiccated or degenerated discs.

    Shoulder Joint Anatomical Model

    Shoulder Joint Model with Ligaments (Life Size)

    It is the most accurate representation of the hip joint along with its ligaments. It is made out of flexible PVC material. It comes mounted on a base made out of plastic.

    Human Knee Joint Model

    Knee Joint Model with Ligaments (Life Size)

    It is made out of flexible PVC material. The model represents the functional model of a knee joint with lateral ligaments, Patellar ligaments and meniscus. It is mounted on a plastic base.

    Elbow Joint Model with Ligaments

    Elbow Joint Model with Ligaments (Life Size)

    It depicts the extension, Flexion and as well as, internal/external rotation of the radius. It is mounted on a plastic base. It is made put of a flexible PVC material.

    Foot Joint Anatomical Model

    Foot Joint Models with Ligaments (Life Size)

    You get it mounted on a plastic base. It shows the foot functionalities as well as the external anatomical structure. It is generally made up of a flexible PVC material.

    Hand Joint Model with Ligaments

    It is made out of a PVC material. You can get it mounted on a plastic base. It displays all the hand functionalities and external anatomical functions.

    Hand Joint Model

    Hip Joint Model with Ligaments (Life Size)

    Hip Joint Model with Ligaments (Life Size)

    It is the most accurate representation of the hip joint along with its ligaments. It is made out of flexible PVC material. It comes mounted on a base made out of plastic.

    Hip Joint Model

    Vertebral Column with Pelvis and Femur Head (Life Size 85cm

    vertebral column with pelvis & femur head (Life Size 85cm)

    This is a highly detailed life-size model which shows up all the detailed and significant features of each of the vertebrae, which includes the spinal cord, Nerve roots, vertebral artery, herniated disc, vertebral notch, etc. It is considered to be an ideal teaching model for patients, and student's education by chiropractors, Orthopedic surgeons, and other medical professionals. It also comes with a deluxe stand.

    Spine Model with Pelvis and Femur Heads

  • Human Torso Models

  • Mini Unisex Torso Model 50cm

    mini unisex torso model 50cm

    The model features an exposed spine along with a removable vertebra and spinal cord segment, and interchangeable male and female genitals as well as, The spinal cord segments. It is made out of a flexible PVC material. The female organs include a fetus in the womb too. The model is dissected into 23 parts further: torso, Female breastplate, Head, Eyeball, Brain, Vertebra spinal nerves, Lungs ( 2 parts ), Liver, Kidney, Stomach ( 2 parts ), Intestines ( 4 parts ), Male genitalia ( 2 parts ) and female genitalia with fetus (3 parts).

    Torso Model 50cm

    Mini Torso Model

    mini torso model

    It is made up of a high-quality PVC also, It is mountad on a base of its own. This model features brain ( 2parts ), Cut calvarium, Heart, Lungs ( 4 parts ), Stomach, Diaphagrm, Liver, Trachea and esophagus and aorta, Pancreas and spleen, Intestine, etc.

    Torso Model 50cm

  • Muscular Models

  • Mini Whole Body Muscled Man

    mini unisex torso model 50cm

    This model is 18cm tall and for the students to learn the human muscled body. Also for promotional gift for doctors or guests. It weighs around 0.3kgs.

    Whole Body Muscled Man

    Male Muscular Figure 78cm

    male muscular figure 78cm

    This model consist of 27 parts, Like, Muscles of upper and lower limbs, Skull, Brain and viscus. It generally shows the structure of head, Neck, Torso, Upper and lower limbs, Muscles, Muculartendon, Ligaments, Viscus, Blood vessels, Brain, etc. It is made up of an advance PVC material.

    Male Muscular Figure 78cm

    Organs Model

    Giant Ear Anatomical Model

    ear anatomical model

    It exemplifies the three ( 3 ) main structural parts of the ear which include, Outer ear, Middle ear and inner ear. The dissectible are in six ( 6 ) parts. It is made out of a PVC material.

    Giant Ear Anatomical Delux Model

    Stomach Anatomical Model

    diseased stomach anatomical model

    This kind of a model is made out of a hard plastic material. It shows the morphology of the stomach in a distended state. The size of it is magnifies two ( 2 ) times the size of an actual stomach. With the longitudinal section, the model shows the structures of pyloric valves, Gastric folds, Gastric mucosa, pyloric sphincter and the transitional mucosa of the gastric esophagus.

    Stomach Anatomical Model

    Anatomical Nasal Cavity Model

    anatomical nasal cavity model”/><p itemprop=
  • External Nose : shows the sections of the nasal bones and cartilages.
  • Nasal Cavity: on the lateral wall show the superior, Middle and inferior nasal chonchae project medially into the nasal cavity forming the superior, middle and inferior nasal maxillary sinuses.
  • Paranasal Sinuses:shows the frontal, Sphenoid and maxillary sinuses.
  • 1799
    Anatomical Nasal Cavity Model

    Giant Eye Model

    giant eye anatomical model

    The model is six ( 6 ) times enlarged than the actual eye. The different part of the model are detachable.

  • Tunica External: shows cornea and sclera with attachments of ocular muscles and optic nerve.
  • Tunica Media : shows the iris, The ciliary body and the choroid. Tunica interna is a retina.
  • Refraction Media:shows the lens and the vitreous body.
  • 2999
    Giant Eye Model

    Eye with Orbit Model

     eye with orbit anatomical model

    It shows the optic nerve in its natural position of the bony orbit of the eye. At three ( 3 ) times life size, This eye model is perfect for anatomical demonstrations. It is also dissectible into ten ( 10 ) parts.

    Eye with Orbit Anatomical Model

    Brain Anatomical Model

    brain stroke anatomical model

    It comes with a display base along with it. It deepens the understanding of structure of the human brain. It is considered really great for learning display, Lab supplies, School teaching tool and collectibles. It is made out of a PVC material.

    Brain Anatomical Model

    2 Part Brain Delux Mode

    2 parts brain anatomical model

    It is accurately casted with an unbreakable vinyl plastic. It is a three dimensional tool for studying the human brain. The model can be divided into right as well as a left half revealing key internal structures. The major anatomical features are numbered and highlighted in contrasting colours.

    2 Part Brain Delux Anatomical Model

    Dental Anatomy Models

    Adult Gum Teeth Anatomical Model

    adult gum teeth anatomical model

    This human teeth model is considered to be a perfect tool for students in order to learn and demonstrate children’s teeth brushing

    Dental Denture Adult Standard Gums Teeth Model for Patient Education

    Dental Care Anatomical Model

    dental care anatomical model

    This kind of model shows the anatomical structure of the teeth and nerves on the lower jaw.

    Dental Care Model For Patient Education

    Diseased Anatomy Models

    Diseased Rectum Anatomy Model

     diseased rectum anatomy model

    It generally shows the hemorrhoids and with comparison of the normal size.

    Diseased Rectum Anatomy Model For Patient Education

    Hemorrohids Anatomy Model

     hemorrohids anatomy model

    This model is a frontal part / section of the rectum as well as a smaller relief on a pedestal. In addition to the anatomical structures of the rectum, The model shows the internal hemorrohids during stage I and II as well as external hemorrohids. The relief exhibit shows hemorrohids during stage third and fourth.

    Diseased Hemorrohids Anatomy Model For Patient Education

    Arthritis Knee with Implant Anatomy Model

    arthritis knee anatomy model

    This type of impressive model shows the three ( 3 ) scaled down knee models. In addition to the healthy knee this model shows a diseased knee with knee implant. All the models are movable as well as, The lower leg could be separated.

    Knee Joint Arthritis Model 4 Stage Osteoarthritis For Patient Education

    Laerdal Anatomy Models

    NeoNatalie Anatomy Model

    neonatalie anatomy model

    It is realistic in size and appearance with natural weight and feel when filled with lukewarm water. Its features include spontaneous breath taking, Palpable umbilical pulse and crying. It can be used for role play scenarios such as post birth care, Standard resuscitation and resuscitation measures including closed chest compressions and positive pressure ventilation.

    neonatalie anatomy model

    Breast Examination Anatomy Model

    breast examination anatomy model

    It facilitates training in proper breast feeding positioning and attachment as well as , Expressing milk. 30ml of a cup is already included in the MamaBreast kit.

    Breast Examination Anatomy Model

    Gynecology Anatomy Models

    Model for Course of Delivery ( Leopold Maneuvers Simulator)

    Delivery Leopold Maneuvers Simulator anatomy model

    The model is based on the mechanism of normal labour. As well as shows the cardinal movements of engagement.

    Delivery Leopold Maneuvers Simulator anatomy model

    Midwifery Training Simulator Anatomy Model

    The pelvis part of the model is life size with primary landmarks and hand depicted outline. Smooth, Soft skull with fontanelles are present for realistic vacuum delivery. All the joint movements allows you to position fetus differently to demonstrate a wide variety of normal and abnormal deliveries.

    Midwifery Training Simulator Anatomy Model

    Breast Examination Anatomy Model

    breast examination anatomy model

    It is made up of an advanced thermoplastic. Its functional characteristics are innocent tumor, Lymphaden and lobulusaccrementitions, and palpation of galactophore malignant tumor. It is also skinny, Pleasant to touch and durable. It is ametabolic under disinfections and cleanout. It provides you with a convenient delivery size.

    Breast Examination Anatomy Model

    Intubation Models

    Child Trachea Intubation Anatomy Model

    child trachea intubation anatomy model

    This model is considered to be anatomically accurate mouth, Larynx, Trachea, Oral and nasal intubation. The neck should be backward in order to open the airway. The air is insufflated into the tube in order to verify whether the tube position is right or not.

    Child Trachea Intubation Anatomy Model

    Neonate Intubation Training Anatomy Model

    neonate intubation training anatomy model

    This model is a realistic anatomy of neonate oral and nasal intubation. It directly observe the expansion of lungs and stomach by insufflating air into the tube and stomach in order to verify if the tube is positioned right or not.

    Neonate Intubation Training Anatomy Model

    Electronic Trachea Intubation Model

    electronic trachea intubation model

    It is considered to be an accurate anatomical marks oral or nasal cavity intubation. It promotes one proper pupil and another mydriasis. The warnings on the model would be activated because of wrong operation, Laryngoscope compressing the teeth as well as a stomach inflammation.

    Electronic Trachea Intubation Model

    Injection Models

    Intramuscular Injection Module

     intramuscular injection module

    The module comes with a muscle layer and skin. The wearable design makes it convenient simulator for training.

    Intramuscular Injection Module

    IV Injection Pad

    IV injection pad

    This model comes with a wearable design, Replaceable skin and blood vessel. Venipuncture I.V., Transfusion, Blood sampling, etc. Is a repetitive practice that is done on the same spot.

    IV Injection Pad

    Electronic Buttocks Injection Training Model

    electronic buttocks injection training model

    This model can be worn on. The alarm sounds gets triggered easily if the injection is correct.

    Electronic Buttocks Injection Training Model

    Suture Training models

    Suture Practice Pad with 31 Precuts

    suture practice pad with 31 precuts

    It is made up of a high quality silicone with three ( 3 ) layers containing skin, Fat and muscle. The skin feels realistic and durable.

    Suture Practice Pad with 31 Precuts

    Suture Practice Pad Dual

     suture practice pad dual

    It is considered to be durable and realistic. It is made up of high quality silicone which further combine Skin, Fat and muscle layers.

    Suture Practice Pad Dual

    Advanced Surgical Suture Arm

     advanced surgical suture arm

    It helps students to practice cutting, Suturing, En-swathing and stiches release. Students can cut the arm in other places for the training of new suturing just in case, the initial wounds have been sutured. The skin is flexible.

    Advanced Surgical Suture Arm

    Catheterization Models

    Medical Training Models

    Advanced Nasal Hemorrhage simulator :

  • It simulates an adult head and neck
  • It has accurate anatomic structure with nasal and nasal septum
  • It simulates all clinical symptoms of epistaxis and train students ability to deal with contingency.
  • It provide trainings of simple hemostasis, cauterization and nasal packing.
  • The green light indicates successful hemostasis
  • Can control the amount and speed of bleeding
  • Advanced Rectal Touch Examination Simulator : Prostate examination mainly relies on rectal touch, Which is the most simple examination method BPH and must be carried out.

    Clear Anatomical Structure: prostate gland, Glandular seminalis, Rectum and anus.

    Four Prostate Palpation Modules: Normal size and chestnuts, I degree of hyperplasia as egg, II degree of hyperplasia as ducks egg, III degree of hyperplasia as gooses egg.

    Four Rectal Touch Modules : normal rectum, Rectum cancer A, Rectum cancer B, Porctopolypus

    Cervical Canal Module ; Support enema operation

    Nursing Training Models

    Multifunctional Nursing Manikin ( Male ) :

  • Mouth cavity care
  • Oxygen inhaling
  • Gastro lavage
  • Hair and face washing
  • Hair combing and sponge bath
  • Nasal feeding
  • Intra cardiac injection
  • Closed chest cardiac resuscitation
  • Chest drainage
  • Deltoid subcutaneous injection
  • Thoracic, Liver, Celiac, Medulla, Lumabar, Deltoid puncture
  • Vein puncture and vein injection
  • Blood transfusion ( Arm )
  • Vastus lateralis injection
  • Male urethral catheterization
  • Male bladder irrigation / clyster
  • Buttocks intramuscular injection

  • Full Functional Male Nursing Manikin ( Unisex with Organs )

    The model is generally made up as per the natural / normal activities of the human body as close as possible. Each of the model contain a male and a female genital, can exchange to use. The model’s arm, Thighs and the buttocks carry injection pads for training purpose. This model is also equipped with internal organs too, and not only basic nursing care

  • Bed bathes
  • Head nursing: face washing, Eye drops, Ear drops and oral care
  • Holistic Nursing: sponge bath in bed, Sitting sponge bath, Wear clothes and cold or heat therapy
  • Oxygen inhaling
  • Nasal feeding
  • Gastric lavage
  • Tracheostomy care
  • Study chest anatomical structure of vital organs.
  • Arm intravenous injection, Transfusion training
  • Injection next deltoid
  • Intramuscular injection
  • Male and female catheterization
  • Enema
  • Percutaneous transrenal stomy
  • Study abdominal cavity anatomical structure of vita organs.
  • CPR Training Manikins

    Prestan Adult CPR Manikin with Rate Monitor :

  • It is lightweight along with being fast and simple setup
  • Revolutionary CPR rate monitor that allows for instant rate and depth feedback to both the instructor and student.
  • Easy to insert lung-bag
  • The tiltable head illustrates the opening of an airway
  • Audible click with correct compression depth
  • AHA & ARC approved
  • The manikin resists the grime, Grease and dust
  • Prestan Infant CPR Manikin with Rate Monitor :

  • The sculpted body contours and realistic skin feel help prepare students for real life rescues
  • Lightweight with fast and simple setup
  • Revolutionary CPR rate monitor that allows for instant rate and depth feedback to both the instructor and student.
  • Easy to insert lung-bag
  • The head enacts the way a actual infant’s head simulates
  • Tiltable head simulation as to show how the airway open
  • Audible click with correct compression depth
  • AHA & ARC Approved manikin grime, Dust and grease resistant
  • AED Trainers

    XFT120C+ AED Trainer :

  • These kind of a trainers are designed with a replaceable plug-in card allowing the device to be customised by uploading different language and scenario options.
  • It is bilingual ; also has a remote control function. With different cards, one unit can offer different language option.
  • A metronome is added to the flashing lights when the unit is counting out the two ( 2 ) minutes for CPR.
  • The sound prompts 100 compressions per minute to help the trainers perform CPR properly.
  • Mini AED Trainer :

  • It has no high voltage capabilities, ensuring safety during the training
  • The device has the function of voice broadcast and LED display. And, When you toggle the switch, It can stimulate the electrode pads connected or not connected.
  • The device has voice prompts and LED indication during two ( 2 ) minutes CPR pause time.
  • Fluoroscopy Trainers

    Lumber Fluoroscopy Manikin : This is a manikin which is made to replace the use of a human body for a surgical training. It is considered to be more economical, More ethical and overall, More convenient than a true cadaver. The standard Lumbo-sacral model contains a T10 - to – sacrum spine and also SI joints. The model can be used for training C-ARM guided injection.

    Lumber Fluoroscopy Manikin : This model features a spine from occiput to T1 with posterior ligament. It can be open through either a posterior or an anterior approach, Which results in making the model quite versatile and allows to train for placing cages, Plates or screws always realistically. The bones usually come with fluoroscopic coating for using under C-ARM. It can be used by pain management doctors for carm guided injection training.

    Thoracolumbar Fluoroscopy Manikin : It is often considered to be as an extension of the lumbar spine surgery simulator. This version feature the quasi complete human back, from T1 to sacrum. An artificial spine is included in a realistic foam mannequin. An X-RAY opac coating is added for medical imaging visibility.