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Vaccum cup set - 24 Pcs

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Cupping therapy is an ancient form of therapy that continues to remain popular and effective even today. Its use dates back to the Egyptian civilization, Middle Eastern culture, and even the Chinese civilization. There are several benefits of cupping therapy and it can cure a variety of ailments in a quick and simple manner. It helps to clear lung congestion, cures the common cold, and helps to control asthma as well. Moreover, cupping therapy is also beneficial for detoxifying the skin and improving circulation. It also improves metabolism, provides relief from constipation, and helps reduce pain.

The 24 Cup Vacuum Set does all of these, and much more.

Key Benefits:

  1. It is made from eco-friendly, sustainable silicone material which causes no irritation to the skin and is completely safe for use.
  2. The product is durable, easy to use, and can be easily carried around.
  3. The cups have strong suction which ensures that they don’t fall off easily.
  4. This is an anti-cellulite therapy which improves blood flow and also smoothes wrinkles.
  5. This is a painless treatment that provides complete relaxation to the body through deep-tissue massage.
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