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The Under Buttock Drape with Fluid Collection Pouch is typically used in medical procedures where there is a need to collect any bodily fluids that may be produced during the procedure.

The drape is placed under the patient's buttocks, with the fluid collection pouch positioned to catch any liquids that might be generated.

This type of drape is commonly used during surgical procedures, such as gynecological, urological, and colorectal procedures, where there is a risk of fluid buildup.

The fluid collection pouch helps to keep the patient and operating area clean and reduces the risk of infection.

The Under Buttock Drape with Fluid Collection Pouch is made of a material that is fluid-resistant, allowing it to effectively contain any liquids that are collected.

The material is also designed to be easy to clean and disinfect, ensuring that the drape can be reused after each procedure.

In conclusion, the Under Buttock Drape with Fluid Collection Pouch is an important tool for medical professionals, helping to maintain a clean and safe operating environment and reducing the risk of infection during procedures.

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