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Suture Needles Straight Triangular (144 Needles)

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Suture needles that are used for closing any open wounds or surgical cuts are called cutting needles.
The needles are designed that way to penetrate wounds, that may be located in areas which are fleshy. One end of the suture needle has an eye which is supposed to smooth so as not to fray the suture thread that is to be passed through it.
Suture needles are made of surgical steel and are corrosion resistant.

Key feature:
  • Straight Triangular- These are the ones that are long and tapered at the end and are used to close soft tissue like gastrointestinal, fascia, vascular, and other soft tissue found below the skin’s surface.
  • All Sizes Available (1 to 20): These needles are available in multiple sizes, to ensure that all types of surgical needs are met.


Q: What are suture needles used for?

A: Suture needles are used for closing open wounds or surgical cuts. They are specifically designed to penetrate wounds located in fleshy areas. One end of the needle has an eye that is smooth to prevent fraying of the suture thread.

Q: What is the design of these suture needles?

A: These suture needles are straight triangular needles. They are long and tapered at the end, making them suitable for closing soft tissues such as gastrointestinal, fascia, vascular, and other soft tissues found below the skin's surface.

Q: What material are these suture needles made of?

A: These suture needles are made of surgical steel, which is known for its corrosion resistance and durability. This ensures that the needles remain sharp and intact during surgical procedures.

Q: Are different sizes of needles available?

A: Yes, these suture needles are available in multiple sizes, ranging from 1 to 20. The availability of different sizes allows surgeons to select the appropriate needle size based on the specific surgical needs.

Q: Can these suture needles be used for various surgical applications?

A: Yes, these straight triangular needles are versatile and can be used in a range of surgical applications. They are particularly suitable for closing soft tissues located beneath the skin's surface, including gastrointestinal, fascia, and vascular tissues.

Q: How are the needles packed?

A: The needles are packed in a quantity of 144 needles. The packaging may vary, but it typically includes multiple packs containing the specified number of needles.

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