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Self Retaining Retractor without Hinge Mastoid Retractor 6 inch Stainless Steel

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Retractors are tools that are used to keep an incision or wound open while a surgeon works. During surgery, the retractor could also be employed to keep tissues or organs out of the way.

Key Features:
Hooked Prongs for Improved Grip 
Ergonomic Finger Ring Handles for Better Control
Secures and separates delicate incision planes and wounds to maximise surgical view for manipulation. 
The device is smooth and light in weight, allowing for comfortable handling. Furthermore, the ratchet lock makes the instrument self-retaining, reducing user fatigue.
Constructed of high-quality stainless steel with a satin finish to decrease glare.
The instrument is sterilizable and reusable.
With an overall length of 26 cm, the Self Retaining Retractor is appropriate for medium to large incisions.
Has hooked prongs that catch into tissues and ensure a tight grasp. Furthermore, the instrument is available with a variety of prong sizes, including 3 by 4 and 6 by 6. Also, the equipment is available with both blunt and sharp prongs to meet a variety of surgical applications.


Self Retaining Retractor
General Surgery, Neurosurgery / Spine, Orthopedic
Handle Type
Ring Handle
Joint Type
Rivet / Screw
Ratchet / Lock
Overall Length
6 inch
Stainless Steel
CE Marking

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