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Sandpuppy Nyx Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad

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Size Chart (for Men) 

Chest (Inches)404244
Front Length (Inches)1515.516.5

Size Chart (for Women) 

Chest (Inches)384042
Front Length (Inches)1515.516.5

Neck and shoulder pain is an agony most of us deal with on a daily basis. Dealing with the agony caused by the pain in neck and shoulders is one annoying burden almost every adult is dealing with lately.

The sedentary lifestyle that people have adopted nowadays, or any mental stress or other posture abnormalities can cause pain. Heat therapy has been a treatment option for some time now. However, the heat pad slips away from the position and needs the patient to not move. Sandpuppy Nyx is a product that makes the therapy easier. It can be worn as a vest preventing slippage and allowing the heat to be stably and uniformly distributed. 

Sandpuppy Nyx is a heating pad in the form of a vest that can be worn without the notion of the heating pad falling down popping up in the user’s head. This helps in preventing slippage and lousy contact, and uniformly distributes the heat to the entire back musculature. The Far Infrared radiation allows the heat seep in deeper layers compared to previous instances, and relaxes the muscles. It enables oxygenated blood circulation to heighten up in the area of soreness, and heals the pain quicker than never before. The device provides electric heat, and hence allows the user to decide the amount of heat needed for them. The switch button helps them opt for the comfort heat. The simplicity of its usage makes it ideal for patients of all age groups, and especially for senior citizens. 

Key Features:

Quick and handy treatment: The electric heating pad is a hassle-free option to alleviate neck or shoulder pain that can be used inside the comfort of home without much assistance. 

Ideal for all ages: Not much is needed to be done in order to activate the heating pad. It is simple to use and elderly people can use it without any problem at all. 

Adjustable temperature: The controlling switch of the device allows the user to set up a comfortable temperature and get the amount of heat he deems fit. 

Effective healing: The infrared heating waves allow the heat to enter much deeper than superficial layers, and let oxygenated blood enter into these sore muscles and initiate healing

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