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Relaxation CP Chair Children

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The Relaxation CP Chair for Children is crafted with the utmost care, utilizing high-quality hardwood and ply board. Its natural wood-polish finish enhances both durability and aesthetics. The chair features a laminated activity tray, measuring 46cm x 56cm, designed for various activities like meals, play, and learning in both standing and sitting positions. With an adjustable comfortable seat and footboard, this chair is tailored to suit small children, ensuring both support and flexibility. The inclusion of ball-bearing-mounted castors, two normal and two lockable, enhances mobility and stability.

  • Material: High-quality Hardwood & Ply Board
  • Finish: Natural Wood-Polish
  • Tray Size: 46cm x 56cm (Laminated Activity Tray)
  • Seat & Footboard Width: 25 cm
  • Castors: 2 Normal, 2 Lockable (Ball Bearing Mounted)
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from the finest hardwood and ply board, the chair ensures longevity and sturdiness.
  • Versatile Activity Tray: The laminated activity tray provides a versatile surface for eating, playing, and learning in both standing and sitting positions.
  • Adjustable Seat & Footboard: The chair's 25cm-wide seat and footboard are adjustable, catering specifically to the comfort of small children.
  • Enhanced Mobility: Equipped with ball-bearing-mounted castors, including two normal and two lockable, the chair offers smooth mobility with the option of securing in place.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the chair suitable for small children?
A: Yes, the Relaxation CP Chair is specifically designed with a 25cm-wide adjustable seat and footboard to suit small children comfortably.
Q: What is the material used for construction?
A: The chair is crafted from high-quality hardwood and ply board, ensuring both durability and a natural wood-polish finish.
Q: Can the chair be used for various activities?
A: Absolutely, the laminated activity tray (46cm x 56cm) is versatile, providing a suitable surface for eating, playing, and learning in different positions.
Q: Does the chair offer mobility options?
A: Yes, the chair features ball-bearing-mounted castors, with two being normal and two lockable, providing both mobility and stability.
Q: How is the finish of the chair?
A: The chair boasts a natural wood-polish finish, adding an aesthetic touch to its durable construction.
Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameMedansh
Address of entityC-75, 1st Floor, DDA Sheds, Okhla Industrial Area, Phase 1, New Delhi - 110020
India Helpline Number8586 012345
Country of OriginIndia

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