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Premium Ovum Forceps Size 10

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This tool is used to remove the products of conception in unavoidable, incomplete abortions as well as MTP procedures.  The fenestrated cup jaws grab the tissue to be removed firmly. The forceps have a non-ratchet construction on the ring handles and can fit a variety of cases.
This instrument's tip is a rounded cup designed to avoid perforation and hold big tissue. 


 Product   Ovum (Placenta) Forceps, Straight, Fenestrated Cup Jaw
 Type  Tissue Forceps
 Dimensions   250mm x 10"

Premium Ovum Forceps Size 10 FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of Ovum Forceps?

A: Ovum Forceps are surgical instruments used in the removal of products of conception during unavoidable, incomplete abortions, as well as in medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) procedures. They are specifically designed to securely grasp and remove tissue from the uterine cavity.

Q: What are the features of Premium Ovum Forceps Size 10?

A: The Premium Ovum Forceps Size 10 have fenestrated cup jaws, which provide a firm grip on the tissue being removed. The non-ratchet construction on the ring handles allows for versatility and ease of use in different cases. The tip of the forceps is rounded to prevent perforation and can accommodate larger tissue samples.

Q: How are Ovum Forceps used during medical procedures?

A: Ovum Forceps are typically used by healthcare professionals in gynecological procedures, specifically when removing products of conception. The surgeon or medical practitioner carefully inserts the forceps into the uterine cavity, positions the fenestrated cup jaws around the tissue to be removed, and applies gentle pressure to securely grasp and extract the tissue.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Premium Ovum Forceps Size 10?

A: The Premium Ovum Forceps Size 10 have a length of 250mm (25cm) and a width of 10 inches. These dimensions ensure sufficient reach and access during the procedure.

Q: What is the material of the Premium Ovum Forceps?

A: The Premium Ovum Forceps are made of metal, specifically stainless steel or a similar high-quality material. Stainless steel is commonly used in surgical instruments due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of sterilization.

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