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Premium Bulldog Clamp Surgical Instrument

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Cardiothoracic surgeons can benefit from the Bulldog Clamps in a variety of ways. These advantages contribute significantly to the efficient management of blood flow.

The clamps have slightly curved jaws with fine, horizontal serrations. Furthermore, this design aids surgeons in grasping peripheral or main vessels without harming their walls.

Additionally, the handles are crossed and have a spring mechanism. This design allows surgeons to use their fingers to press the ridged, flat handles, causing a moderate press force on the vessel and restricting blood flow. 


 Product Bulldog Clamp
 Specialty Cardiovascular, General Surgery
 Working End Details Serrated Jaws
 Handle Type Cross Action Spring Handle
 Finish Satin
 CE Marking   Yes
 Reusable   Yes

Premium Bulldog Clamp Surgical Instrument FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of a Bulldog Clamp?

A: A Bulldog Clamp is a surgical instrument commonly used in cardiovascular and general surgery. Its primary purpose is to manage blood flow by clamping blood vessels during surgical procedures.

Q: What are the advantages of using Bulldog Clamps?

A: Bulldog Clamps offer several advantages for cardiovascular surgeons. The slightly curved jaws with fine, horizontal serrations allow for a secure grip on peripheral or main vessels without causing damage to their walls. This precise control helps in achieving effective hemostasis and managing blood flow during surgical procedures.

Q: How do Bulldog Clamps work?

A: Bulldog Clamps feature crossed handles with a spring mechanism. Surgeons can use their fingers to press the ridged, flat handles, which applies a moderate force on the vessel, effectively restricting blood flow. This mechanism allows for controlled and temporary occlusion of the blood vessel during surgery.

Q: Are there different sizes and types of Bulldog Clamps available?

A: Yes, Bulldog Clamps are available in different sizes and types. They come in straight and curved designs to accommodate the specific needs of different surgical procedures. Surgeons can choose the appropriate size and type based on the vessels they need to clamp and the surgical context.

Q: Can Bulldog Clamps be reused?

A: Yes, Bulldog Clamps are reusable surgical instruments. They are made of metal, typically stainless steel, which allows for proper sterilization and repeated use. Following standard sterilization procedures, Bulldog Clamps can be safely used in multiple surgeries, promoting cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Q: Are Bulldog Clamps CE marked?

A: Yes, Bulldog Clamps are CE marked, indicating that they comply with the necessary European Union regulations for medical devices. The CE marking ensures that the clamps meet the required safety, performance, and quality standards.

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