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Power Web Flex Grip - Hand Exerciser Medium Red

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The power web flex-grip hand exerciser is specialized equipment that can fit in the palm easily. The power grip exerciser has fingers and thumb holes on both sides, available to cure hand instabilities. With the great equipment, you can work on improving the strength and toughness of your hand.

Product Description-

The hand exerciser is a unique instrument specially designed to increase the capacity of the thumb and fingers. The ergonomic design of the tool ensures an easy fit within the hand. 

The product comprises a ball on one side that gets placed upon the palm area, positioned for improving grip and strength of hands. The small buttons at the side and thumb pads allow ease of exercise and increase the hand's dexterity.

Key Benefits- 

Ease of sanitization - The material is specialized to resist crack, leak, or melt. It can also be cleaned and sanitized every time after use.

Comfortable for skin touch - Power web flex-grip in an anti-allergic product that is very suitable and comfortable to use with direct skin contact.

Safe for children's use - The equipment is non-allergic latex suitable and safe for a minor's usage. 

Strength stimulator - Regular usage of the exerciser would increase the strength and grip of fingers and hands.

Allows a plethora of exercises - The equipment designed ensures to provide a variety of exercises for fingers, thumb, and palm as per the patient's requirement.

Ensures quick healing - It is a vital product for the early recovery of patients suffering from neurotic shocks. 

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