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Personal Protection Coverall with Fixed Face shield (90 GSM) - Pack of 10

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Please note that the colour of items in kit may vary (typically between white or blue) depending on availability.

This combo contains the below items:

  1. Personal protection coverall (90GSM)
  2. Fixed Face shield

Air borne diseases come with an added burden of stopping it from transmission amongst humans. As the frontrunners of the healthcare system, doctors and nurses face a huge risk of getting infected. Not only does the Personal Protection Coverall with Fixed Face Shield (90 GSM) prevent infections from entering the body, but the customised fit of this apparatus is engineered to make lives a tad bit easier.

SURGICAL GOWN FOR THE RESCUE: It is a hooded full body suit, along with full sleeves, elastic cuff and a velcro closure. Its antimicrobial property helps keep infection at bay, while the breathable fabric is engineered to make our days a bit comfortable.

DON'T FORGET TO WEAR GLOVES: The latex gloves are kind on your skin and can be easily worn. But remember to dispose of it immediately after using it once.

PLY FACE MASK: Long hours in the hospital is tedious anyway, let's not make the face mask add to that. The 3 Ply face mask is comfortable, tri-layered and adjustable because of the ear loops.

DISPOSABLE BAG:Biomedical wastes should be disposed of with greater precision but it isn't an easy task. The disposable bag makes it easier by fitting the used PPE kit in.

SOMETIMES SHIELDS ARE GOOD:Face shield is the perfect friend you need to protect you from the splashes, sprays of infectious bodily fluids and the habit of touching the face.

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