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Omron blood pressure monitor 7121J (3 Year Warranty)

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The Omron HEM 7121J is a compact, fully automatic bp monitor, operating on the oscillometric principle for precise measurements and accurate results. It measures your bp with easy one touch operation

The device uses its advanced “intellisense” technology for comfortable controlled inflation, even a slight pressure change can be detected, resulting most accurate measurement, Saves time & money. Quick deflation releases valve for speedy measurement

Along with bp monitoring this product detects irregular heartbeat. Its loaded with body movement indicator and cuff wrapping guide which helps you keep even better watch on your cardiovascular health

Omron HEM 7121J comes with 3 years warranty and lifetime support provided by Omron. This digital blood pressure monitor is guaranteed to meet your standards

This product is mainly designed for general household use. Please read the important safety information in the instruction manual before using the unit


1) wrap the cuff properly 

2) measure at the same time of the day (within 1 hour after getting-up and before bed-time is recommended) 

3) sit in a chair, straighten your back and be relaxed

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