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Accusure Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with 1 Year Warranty

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This non-contact Infrared Body Thermometer does not requires any contact with the body for the measurement of temperature. It has the capability to measure temperature while the subject could be 1 - 5 cm away and the measurement is very quick, typically around 1 to 3 seconds.

1.    Can measure temperature from the forehead

2.    Fast and accurate measurement

3.    High precision sensor measurement for reliable results

4.    Automatically shutdown if left idle for 1 minute

5.    One key measurement, easy to use and carry

6.    Fever alarm for early diagnosis and prevention

7.    Stores 10 sets of measurement data

8.    Highly safe usage with infrared technology

Storage and Transport Temperature Range

25 to 55 °C (-13 to 131°F)

Atmospheric Pressure 700hpa to 1060hpa

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