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NESTGUARD – Disinfectant Water Generator

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Most cleansers and disinfectants available in the market today are stocked with hazardously excessive amounts of toxic chemicals. While using them, we do intend to make our surroundings safe for our loved ones, but we might actually be putting them in harm’s way! 

This is where NESTGUARD steps in with the safest, most eco-friendly and economical solution. With NESTGUARD, a pinch of salt, and some water, you can create your very own non-toxic, non-allergenic, environmentally-safe, all organic DIY disinfectant! 

Be it for any surface, kitchen equipment, fresh food items, or children’s toys and water bottles - the disinfectant NESTGUARD helps produce is clinically tested as absolutely safe and certified as an excellently effective cleanser for a dynamic range of uses. Moreover, one of the aims kept in mind during the creation is a step forward towards making every citizen of India Atmanirbhar, that is, independentfrom the huge industry of chemical-based cleansers. How does NESTGUARD work, you may ask? Well, it works on an electrochemical reaction with the brine solution that you pour into it. The product obtained is a hypochlorous solution, which, when freshly generated, is a superb disinfectant against all sorts of bacterias, viruses, and other microbes! 

Key Features 

Dynamic Application: The disinfectant produced can be used for almost all household items and even fresh foods! It’s safe enough to be used on all toys, pacifiers, water bottles etc. for infants & toddlers, and at the same time, it’s effective enough to be used on bathroom fittings; the toilet, sink, washstand and bidet nozzle. It can even be applied on beddings, curtains and can be utilized for floor-cleaning as well. 

Economical: NESTGUARD is available at a decently affordable price, and is a one-time investment. There are close to none long term costs involved in using the disinfectant it generates. So, it is remarkably economical to use NESTGUARD as your at-home disinfectant generator! 

Easy-to-use: NESTGUARD is amazingly easy to operate.All you need is some salt, and some water. Fill in the attached jar with the water and stirr in some salt. Turn the device on, wait for a few minutes and voilà! Your cleanser is ready! 

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