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Minilap Kit Set of 20

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Minilap Kit Containing Following Items:-

  • Dressing forceps 6” plain - 1 Pc.
  • Tissue Forceps 6” 1x2 teeth - 1 Pc
  • Kelly Forceps Straight 5-1/2” (14cm) - 1 Pc.
  • Artery Pean Forceps Straight 8" - 1 Pc.
  • Artery Pean Forceps Curved 8" - 1 Pc
  • Mosquito Forceps Curved 5” (12.5cm) - 1 Pc
  • Babcock Forceps 8” - 1 Pc
  • Baby Babcock Forceps 16 cm - 1 Pc.
  • Schroeder Tenaculum Forceps 10” - 1 Pc.
  • Sponge Forceps Straight 9-1/2” - 1 Pc.
  • Towel Backhaus Clamp 5-1/4” - 1 Pc.
  • Mayo Hegar Needle 6” - 1 Pc.
  • Retractor Richardson-Eastman, Set of 2 - 1 Set
  • Retractor Double Ended U.S. Army, Set of 2 - 1 Set
  • Mayo Scissors Straight 6-3/4” (17cm) - 1 Pc.
  • Mayo Scissors Curved 6-3/4” (17cm) - 1 Pc.
  • Metzenbaum Scissors Curved 7” - 1 Pc
  • Uterine Elevator Ramathibodi 27cm - 1 Pc.
  • Tubak Hook Ramathibodi 28cm - 1 Pc.
  • Graves Speculum Medium - 1 Pc.
  • Carry Bag - 1 Pc.
Minilap Kit Set of 20 FAQ

Q: What is a Minilap Kit?

A: A Minilap Kit is a set of surgical instruments used in various medical procedures. It contains a selection of commonly used instruments for performing minor surgeries, wound dressings, and other medical interventions.

Q: What are the sizes of the instruments?

A: The sizes mentioned in the Minilap Kit are approximate measurements of the instruments. Please note that instrument sizes can vary slightly based on manufacturing standards and variations.

Q: What are the common uses of the Minilap Kit?

A: The Minilap Kit is typically used for minor surgical procedures, wound dressings, and various medical interventions. The specific instruments included in the kit are commonly used for tissue manipulation, suturing, wound closure, and exploration during surgical procedures.

Q: Is the Minilap Kit suitable for professional medical use?

A: Yes, the Minilap Kit is designed for professional medical use. It contains a range of instruments commonly used by healthcare professionals, including surgeons, physicians, and nurses, during various surgical and medical procedures.

Q: Are the instruments in the Minilap Kit reusable?

A: Yes, the instruments in the Minilap Kit are typically reusable. However, proper sterilization and cleaning protocols should be followed after each use to maintain their safety and integrity.

Q: Does the Minilap Kit come with a carry bag?

A: Yes, the Minilap Kit includes a carry bag. The bag provides a convenient storage and transport solution for the instruments, allowing for easy access and organization.

Q: Can the Minilap Kit be customized with additional instruments?

A: The Minilap Kit is generally sold as a set with pre-selected instruments. However, depending on the supplier or manufacturer, customization options may be available. It is best to consult with the supplier or manufacturer regarding any customization requests.

Q: Is the Minilap Kit suitable for all surgical procedures?

A: The Minilap Kit contains a range of commonly used surgical instruments suitable for various minor surgical procedures. However, the specific requirements of each surgical procedure may vary. It is important to ensure that the instruments included in the kit are appropriate for the intended procedure and consult with a healthcare professional for specific instrument requirements.

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