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Medivision Oxygen Flow Meter

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The most important element for a human being to function properly is oxygen. Yet, the flow of oxygen can become irregular at many times, causing severe malfunctioning of organs and leading to a fatal ending. A very helpful device to regulate the flow of oxygen in the human body is the Oxygen Flow Meter. It is a great device of use at it comes along with a humidifier bottle and its accuracy is commendable. Since the health of the patient directly depends on this machine, this device is specially made for providing proper accuracy.

Key features :–

  • The Oxygen Flow Meter comes with a humidifier bottle.
  • The Oxygen Flow Meter has an inlet connection of BSP 5/8 14RM
  • The Oxygen Flow Meter has an outlet connection of BSP ¼ 19RM
  • The inlet gauge of the oxygen flow meter is of 3000 1B/in2
Country of Origin
Brand NameMedivision
Brand OriginIndia
Country of OriginIndia

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