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Medivision Digital Sphygmomanometer

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Gone are the tough days when you had to visit the doctor’s every time you wanted to check your blood pressure. The all in one solution to your sudden headaches and buzzed out feelings is finally here! You can now easily keep a check on your blood pressure level at your doorstep by getting yourself the Digital Sphygmomanometer, which is best known for accurately measuring your BP level. This unique device not only measures your BP level, but also keeps a record of the date and time of your last reading.

Key features –

  • Memory – 2 x 120 with date and time count.
  • Cuff size – 22-32 cm (8.6” – 12.5”)
  • Power – This device can be powered through a USB Port or a 4 AA battery.
  • Easy and safe to use – This device causes no harm to the user and can be safely used at your home.
  • Big display – The digital display of the device helps the user to understand the readings with ease.

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