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Aspen USA Lumbar Support Belt Universal Size Model OTS™ Horizon 627

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Aspen Horizon™ 627 Lumbar - A Healing Hug For Your Spine

Today’s fast-moving times are a bit too harsh on our bodies, and most of us are frequently nagged by muscle spasms and spinal problems. But worry not, for Lumbar has got your back! Recover increasingly fast and witness the therapeutic touch of the most uniquely designed, easily modifiable lower spine braces. The Horizon™ 627 Lumbar is one of the most advanced, effortlessly customizable options for the modern-day busy & productive you.

Product Description

Thoughtfully built, these inelastic braces provide essential trunk stability and have a segregated tightening technology, which helps you effortlessly localize the pressure at just the right spot. It can even be adjusted as per the wearer’s anatomy. The perfect friend for your spine, these braces not only provide custom support, but have the most reliable structural integrity as well. The Horizon™ 627 Lumbar helps you stay upright in the correct posture while you recover, and will relentlessly keep you from hunching over your work desk or sleeping in an awkward & unhealthy position. Your trusted recovery companion, with its ideal embrace for your back, sides and core, is guaranteed to help you regain your functional fitness in no time. 

Key Features: 

Adjustable Size:  The customizable tightening mechanism enables simple and quick adjustment of the waist belt. The attached size indicators help to tighten the braces as per your waist circumference, and comfort. 

Modifiable Back Support: The back panel’s grip can uniquely adapt to the patient’s anatomy. The structure of the panel has the perfect mixture of flexibility and sturdiness, which allows it to ideally conform to the curvature of the spine.   

Segregated String Tightening Technology: The upper and the lower portion of the back panel have separate strings for tightening and directing the compression at specific areas of the core. Localized pressure allows for smoother, faster recovery. 

Dependable Structural Integrity: These spine braces have a total of three flexible bands which are held together with vertical stays - all of which together ensure ideal adjustable fit and a stable structure. 

Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameAspen
Brand OriginUSA
Address of entityNo. 91, Sundar Nagar, Nandamakkam, Chennai - 600 032
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginUSA

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