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Kendall Ted Thigh Length Anti Embolism Stockings Model Regular

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With increase in age, or due to some hereditary conditions, injury, or cases of trauma, we often suffer from venous insufficiency of the legs leading to tortuous and dilated veins. This condition could be quite life-threatening, because in this case, varicose veins of the legs are unable to compress properly and bring about the optimum venous return. The perfect antidote to that, is Kendall Ted Thigh Length Anti Embolism Stockings Model 3728-Regular. This product is the holy grail of maintaining foot health, helping a recuperating person regain the much-needed blood flow velocity and do away with the problematic venous stasis.

Product Description:

The Anti Embolism Stockings Model is a stocking made out of nylon, which is circumferentially knit, and has an advanced pression technique. The fit of the product is customised, where in the users can pick their size after measuring their calf circumference and length between the bend of the knee to the bottom of the heel. The product is seamlessly constructed to fit in the feet of the users easily, which is excessively necessary for a proper foot health. Not only does the stockings have a customised pression technique, but also comprises of a specially designed knee band, to prevent slippage. This helps a recuperating person to avoid blood clots and venous stasis below his knee.

Key Features:

  • Appearance:It is knee open toe  white . The colour and material of the socks makes it comfortable for use.
  • Calf Circumference: As per size chart
  • Length: As per size chart
  • Customised Fit: The fit is  regular.
  • Fast Relief:The anti embolism socks are medically validated to decrease varicose vein insufficiency and in turn increase venous return.
  • Stockings Knee Open toe Medium Regular 
  • Calf circumference: 12" - 15"
  • Length: > 17"
  • Size: S,M.L.XL
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Brand OriginUSA
Address of entityS-6,Ground Floor, Green Park, New Delhi -110016.
Country of OriginUSA

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