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Infrared Lamp Table Top

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Infrared rays have shown tremendous health benefits specially for use in pain relief and reduction of inflammation of swollen joints. It achieves this by improving blood circulation  in skin and protection of muscles against oxidative stress

Product description:

Portable Infrared Lamp is an easy and convenient home use infrared therapy device which can be set up easily and provide numerous utilities in everyday life, especially if you have ageing adults in the family.

Key Features:

Pain relief – lamp has multiple uses ranging from muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain or sports injuries

Wound healing – can provide healing for diabetic wounds , ulcers and potential use in many skin related ailments

Blood circulation – has effective use case in varicose veins, edema or spider veins

Portable – can be easily moved from one place to other in home setting. Dimensions 6cm x 9cm

How to use:

Please keep 30cm to 80 cm distance from the lamp. Avoid close contact.

Time to use between 15 to 30min & use frequency to be as per consultation with doctor

Do not use with people sensitive to heat

Supervise use in children and elderly

Note : Please do consult your physician before using this machine.

Infrared Lamp Table Top

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