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Anti Pollution Foldable Mask N95 - (Pack of 2) Grin Health Singapore

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N95 Anti Pollution Foldable Mask -(Pack of 2) GrinHealth Singapore – Breathe easy!

What if a little mask in your pocket could save you from the troubles you’ve been exposed to for years? Metro cities usually have a high-air quality index and that makes them a home for a plethora of air borne ailments. However, it is about time you mask those troubles (pun intended) with GrinHealth’s N95 Air Pollution mask that keeps you away from air borne infections and harmful pollutants.

Product Description:

One of the many facets of the living in a metro or a major city is bearing with the pollutants that are only on a rise in the recent times. Being ignorant to this problem could expose you to the danger airborne viruses and bacteria, flu, dust, and awful lot of breathing issues. But, why put yourself through so much stress when you can easily wipe it clear with an N95 air pollution mask. Wearing this mask protects you from air pollution, dust, moulds, infections and a lot of other troubles.

Key benefits:

  • No nuisance, easy fit: It doesn’t give a disturbing feel on the face when you put it on. There’s an adjustable padded nose bridge that gives you convenience to wear it for long periods of time and comfortable fit. The straps are also a cakewalk to put on and off.
  • Protection from different particulate pollution: Having this air mask on your face means you’re easily dodging particulate pollution like PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3.
  • Advance one-way exhale valves: To rule out the idea of breathing difficulties within the mask, its advance design breathing valve helps you exhale without any discomfort.
  • Easy to carry: Its lightweight built and foldable design allows you to carry it wherever you like, without much trouble.
  • Filtration rate up to 95 percent.
  • Effective
  • Activated carbon cloth filter
  • Unique shape and filters
  • Covers 100% of area within the entire mask.
  • Advanced one way exhale valves
  • Easier breathing and speaking
  • Superior fit and greater comfort
  • Storage shelf life of 5 years (if packaging not opened)

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