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Flamingo Shoulder Support - Large

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Shoulder joint problems include dislocation, separation, sternoclavicular separation, tendinitis, bursitis, impingement syndrome, rotator cuff tears. Signs of these conditions include the slow onset of discomfort and pain in the upper shoulder or upper third of the arm and difficulty sleeping on the shoulder. A neck sprain occurs when the ligaments are stretched or torn beyond their ability to flex. It can be worn on left or right shoulder. It provides warmth, support and pain relief to shoulder joint. It gives stability and joint flexibility to quicken the healing process. It can be worn comfortably under clothing. Hook and loop closure for easy adjustment. It is recommended for conditions like shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tendonitis, shoulder instability. Flamingo Shoulder Support gives you a great relief.

  • Allows the athlete or patient to gradually return to full range of motion
  • It provides warmth support and pain relief to the shoulder joint
  • Recommended in inflammation, pain or mild instabilities to the shoulder joint
  • It can be worn comfortably under clothing
  • Hook and loop closure for easy adjustment.

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