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Dr. Odin BPA Free Electric Breast Pump

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Having a baby for the first time is one of the best, most thrilling, and a life changing experience. Only a mother can explain the sheer joy a baby brings into her life when she holds it in her arms for the first time. While keeping aside all the joy and emotions which the mother experiences, it is very important for her to take up many important roles and works on a regular basis as a mother. A good example of an important work is to feed the newborn with her breast milk, but a child might often face problems in feeding off a breast due to various reasons. The best solution to this problem is the Electric Breast Pump. It is a device which lets lactating extract milk from their breasts. This device will help new mothers feed their child without having them go through any suction trouble.

Product Description :

The Electric Breast Pump is a mechanical device with very less weight, which helps lactating mothers easily extract milk from their breasts. It comes with very soft and comfortable silicon cushion with petal massage, causing no pain during suction. The mother can use this device with ease and comfort because of its light weight. It also has an LED touch panel with two different modes of pumping. It is BPA free and is very easy to clean and sterilize. It also has an increasing/decreasing button, aiding to the intensity of the vacuum created due to the suction. This device also comes with a USB cable and a one year warranty.

Key Features :

  • Weight:The Electric Breast Pump is a device which can be used with comfort and ease due to its lightweight, it does not act as an added burden on the user.
  • Cushion:The Electric Breast Pump comes with a soft and silicon cushion with petal massage which adds to the comfort of the mother. It does not cause any irritation or unnecessary itching to the user.
  • BPA free:This product does not use the organic compound Bisphenol A during its production.
  • Intensity modulation:The Electric Breast Pump has a button which can increase or decrease the intensity of the vacuum created, as per the comfort of the user.
  • Tailored suction:This feature allows the device to mimic the baby’s sucking patterns.
Manufacturer/Importer/Marketed By
Brand NameDr Odin
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entityIndustrial Area Phase 2, Mohali - 140308
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginPRC (China)

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