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Crutches with Elbow Support (Single Unit)

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It gets difficult for an individual to walk after surgery, a leg fracture, or an injury. Maintaining a proper body balance gets really tough. In situations like these, the elbow crutches help to transfer the entire weight of the body from the injured leg to the upper body thus providing proper support and posture. The lightweight of the equipment makes it very user-friendly and hence proves to be a desirable product among people. 

Product Description

This equipment works well with legs that are physically challenged due to a fracture, disease, surgery, or a nervous disorder. It is a high-quality orthopaedic product which enables people to recover from pain quite easily. It can be used by both men and women and is available in different colors. 

Key Features

Comfortable: The elbow crutches have a comfortable handle that distributes weight very effectively. 

Stability: It provides the patient with great stability to permit a proper movement.

Supreme quality: The equipment is made up of an absolute enhanced quality material which makes it a universally recognized product.

Durability: It has a durable design which makes it highly strong and sturdy. 

Safety: It is fitted with a rubber shoe to increase safety.

Perfect aid for seniors: It provides immense support to aged people who suffer from any kind of feebleness. 

Modern look: It got an elegant design and thus looks very stylish.

Economical: In spite of being so advantageous, it is an inexpensive piece of equipment.  

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Brand NameGeneric
Address of entity252, Patparganj Industrial Area, Patparganj, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh 110092
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginIndia

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