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ECG Training Stimulator

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Enhance your ECG training with our advanced ECG Training Stimulator. This PVC manikin features flexible and elastic skin, marked auscultatory sites, and remarkable durability. Controlled by a micro-computer, it provides a range of normal and abnormal ECG signals, displayed through analog-to-digital code. Connect to common ECG monitors for realistic waveform and adjustable heart rate simulations. Perfect for teaching, the manikin allows code input, automatically describing ECG waveforms for effective practice and assessment.

Material: PVC
Flexible and elastic skin with marked auscultatory sites
Micro-computer-controlled for various ECG signals
Realistic waveform and adjustable heart rate
Suitable for connecting with common ECG monitors

Product Features:
Durable PVC construction for long-lasting use
Flexible skin and marked auscultatory sites for realistic training
Micro-computer control for diverse ECG simulations
Real-time connection to ECG monitors for accurate training
Code input for customized ECG waveforms and effective assessment

Frequently Asked Question: 

Q: Is the skin of the manikin realistic and durable?
A: Yes, the manikin features flexible and elastic skin with marked auscultatory sites, ensuring realism, anti-aging properties, sturdiness, and durability.
Q: How are ECG signals displayed on the manikin?
A: The manikin is controlled by a micro-computer, displaying a variety of ECG signals through analog-to-digital code.
Q: Can it be connected to common ECG monitors?
A: Absolutely, it can be connected to common ECG monitors for real-time training simulations.
Q: What is the process for inputting ECG codes for practice?
Simply operate the code button on the manikin panel and input the ECG code as needed for automatic waveform description on the ECG machine and monitor.
Q: Is the heart rate adjustable on the manikin?
A: Yes, the manikin provides a realistic waveform with an adjustable heart rate for comprehensive ECG training.
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