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Dr Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP02 with BG03 Glucometer Machine with 50 Test strips and Equinox Digital Weighing Scale EB 9400 - Combo Offer

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What is better than buying a blood pressure monitor that accurately measures your blood pressure? Getting a special combo offer that comes with a package including all your essential needs. Dr. Morepen special combo offer has it all. This package contains the below items: 

1.    Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP02 

2.    Dr. Morepen Glucometer BG03 

3.    50 BG03 test strips 

4.    Equinox Digital Weighing Scale EB 9400 

Product Description:

All the available products that are included in this special combo have high-end in-built quality. The blood pressure monitor accurately measures your blood pressure level and notifies you when it senses any significant difference in the average blood pressure level. 

The glucometer machine measures your blood glucose level on both fasting and post-meal. It is a machine that works on digital technologies and calculates your blood sugar level accurately at every try. It even remembers previous recordings for you to keep a track of your blood sugar level. Along with these come 50 BG03 test strips which will accurately measure your blood sugar level. 

Last, but not the least, the Equinox Digital weighing scale EB 9400 is a perfect digital weight-measuring machine that will precisely measure your weight and give you the correct result. These four different products make the perfect pocket-friendly combo package for you. 

Key Features:

Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor BP02: 

Detects movement - This blood pressure monitor detects if the patient is moving while the blood pressure is being calculated. 

Measures cuff pressure – This pressure monitor measures the ideal cuff pressure on individual arm width and systolic movement. 

Indicates hypertension – This machine can sense if the patient is undergoing hypertension risks and indicates the user immediately. 

Good memory – The pressure monitor keeps memory of previous uses. 

One-touch operation – This machine automatically operates after an easy one-touch mechanism. It has a single power button that easily makes the machine function. 

Dr. Morepen Glucometer BG03:

Accuracy on point – Dr. Morepen Glucometer BG03 accurately measures your blood glucose level up to 95 per cent. 

User-friendly - This glucose monitoring machine is user friendly and can be used in a fast and efficient way. The outcomes can be read easily and it gives results in 5 seconds.

Efficient in all ways – The device has a second-chance sampling option after 30 seconds. 

Auto-correct mode – It can easily determine errors in calculation and miscoding. 

Small samples required – This machine requires small blood samples (0.6 µl approximately). 

Accurate results – Range of accuracy: 10-600 mg/dl. 

Equinox Digital Weighing Scale EB 9400:

Range – This digital weighing scale can weigh up to 180 kg. 

Monitor – The Equinox digital weighing scale has a large LCD display monitor that helps the user to view the measured weight easily.

Surface – The machine has an anti skid platform that prevents users from slipping and falling down while measuring the weight.

Mechanism – This machine has an auto-switch-off mechanism.

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