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Cervical Pillow Memory Foam KING Size With Organic Bamboo Fabric Cover Premium Orthopaedic Pillow For Neck Pain Relief

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Are you tired of using extra pillows and or your shoulder or arm to raise your neck to get a good night sleep? Yes while you feel comfortable there is a huge stain on the base of your neck and shoulder. There is no need for this “Jugaad” because your troubles are due to the wrong shape and size of the normal pillow or flat pillow being used regularly. Grin Health Memory Foam Cervical Pillow King Size is for people with high neck and much broader shoulders. Based on user experience anyone with height above 5 ft 9 inches & shoulder length (measured between ear lobe and wall when you stand straight) of 5 inches and above might find regular size normal pillows inadequate. If this sounds like your situation then Memory Foam Cervical Pillow King Size might be the solution you could be waiting all your life. Let’s look at some of its features and benefits as below :

Key benefits:

  • KING Size 60cm x40cm x12cm on one side and 10 cm on other- is the most optimum size cervical pillow you can buy online and highly recommended for people suffering from neck pain as well as sleep discomforts due to the size of the normal pillow.
  • Its contour wave design helps achieve proper spinal alignment for both side and back sleepers. Though we usually change numerous positions (some studies suggest 15-20 times) during complete sleep cycle still one can be classified predominantly a back or side sleepers.
  • Ergonomic design well supported by the adequate size of cervical pillow actually prevents neck spasm and neck pain as neck, head and shoulder curves are rested nicely on contour wave of this cervical pillow.
  • People suffering from cervical spondylitis or spondylolisthesis as well as frequent neck spasms might also find a reduction in numbness and pressure relief on nerve roots irrigated with excessive strain on neck muscles.
  • Premium high-density memory foam takes the shape of the neck and should spaces while providing optimal support, This helps in comfortable sleep. Memory foam lasts much longer than normal foam or polyfills used in flat pillows
  • Another major contributor to good night sleep with king size memory foam cervical pillow is the organic bamboo fibre cover on the pillow. Bamboo fibres are known for their heat absorption properties. Soothing texture and breathable material make the sleeping surface cool helping you to get a sound sleep for a long duration.
  • Girn Health Memory Foam Cervical Pillow King Size is a great solution from design, size and comfort point of view and can potentially improve blood circulation to the spine which helps for people suffering from neck pain and other neck ailments due to poor sleep posture and inadequate pillow size. Promotes good posture and correct spine alignment
  • Increase blood circulation to the spine
  • Lead a healthy and happy life by buying king size memory foam cervical pillow online from

When to use:

  • For sound sleep without toss & turn for a comfortable sleep
  • Diagnosed with herniated cervical disc bulges
  • Cervical Spondylitis
  • Cervical Spondylolisthesis
  • Neck ailments

When not to use:

  • Increased pain & discomfort
  • Impaired blood flow to the spine
  • Allergic rash or itching after using a cervical pillow
  • Promotes Correct Sleeping Posture :Contour Wave Design: Size: King Size (60x40x12-10 cm) Helps To Keep The Neck Parallel To The Sleep Surface And In-Line With Lower Spinal Area. Provides Support To Correct Sleeping Posture, Support Your Head And Neck In Proper Alignment, Cervical Pillow For Neck Pain Relief.
  • Ultra Soft High-Density Memory Foam : This Is Ultra Soft Made Of Premium Ventilated Super Soft Memory Foam Designed To Give The Ultimate In Comfort And Support. They Work Better Which Means They Will Shape To Your Body And Gives You Relief & Support Where You Need It Most.
  • Microstopa Anti Dust Mite : Naturally Antimicrobial And Resistant To Mold, Mildew, Bacteria And Dust Mites. Good For Allergy Sufferers.
  • Advanced Cool Comfort : Organic Bamboo Fabric.

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