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Autoclave Sterilizer, Mirror Finish, Electric, 10 Liter

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To sterilize medical equipment, glassware,surgical equipment, culture media, medical wastes, autoclave containers,plastic tubes, and pipete tips.



      • Equipped with pressure gauge, weight safetyvalve, steam safety valve, pressure regulation device, with heat resistance lidhandle and body handle.
      • It is an seamless aluminum mirror Finish ElectricAutoclave Pressure Cooker Type Autoclave sterilizer
      • High quality and thick inner wall chamber 

      Autoclave Working Temperature
      121°C – 140°C
      Operating Pressure
      15 to 18 PSI
      Sterilization Time
      1 to 0.99 Minutes
      ConstructionSeamless Aluminum
      Electric Heating
      AC 220V / 50Hz
       Pressure Valves
      Steam & vacuum release valve

      10 Liter

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q: What can be sterilized using this autoclave?
      A: This autoclave can be used to sterilize a variety of medical equipment, glassware, surgical equipment, culture media, medical wastes, autoclave containers, plastic tubes, and pipette tips.

      Q: What are the safety features of this autoclave sterilizer?
      A: This autoclave is equipped with a pressure gauge, weight safety valve, steam safety valve, and pressure regulation device to ensure safe operation. It also has heat resistance lid and body handles for safe handling.

      Q: What is the material and finish of this autoclave?
      A: This autoclave has a seamless aluminum construction with a mirror finish.

      Q: What is the working temperature and pressure of this autoclave?
      A: The working temperature range is 121°C to 140°C, and the operating pressure range is 15 to 18 PSI.
      Q: What is the sterilization time of this autoclave?
      A: The sterilization time can range from 1 to 0.99 minutes.
      Q: What is the heating source of this autoclave?
      A: This autoclave uses electric heating as its source of heat.
      Q: What is the power requirement of this autoclave?
      A: This autoclave requires AC 220V / 50Hz power.
      Q: Does this autoclave have pressure valves?
      A: Yes, this autoclave has steam and vacuum release valves for pressure regulation.
      Q: What is the capacity of this autoclave?
      A: The capacity of this autoclave is 10 liters.

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      Brand NameGeneric
      Address of entity330, Patparganj Industrial Area, Delhi - 110092
      India Helpline Number8586012345
      Country of OriginIndia

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