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Aneroid Sphygmomanometer BP Pulse Oximeter Thermometer Combo

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Combo Consists of

1) Anaeroid BP with Stethosocpe
2) Oval Thermometer
3) FIngertip Pulseoximeter

Dr. Odin BP Machine is one of the best arm blood pressure machine in India. If you wish to seriously monitor outcomes of your hypertension medicine then the Sphygmomanometer BP Apparatus blood pressure machine could be the right companion for you in this journey.

Oval Thermometer, which comes with two distinctive measuring columns, perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage. It is a device which can be used in your house and at the hospital.

Pulse oximeter provides accurate measurement of functional oxygen saturation of arterial blood. It’s a very compact device with immense simplicity for effective use in-home or clinical settings. Apart from monitoring critical care patients, it could be a monitoring device for people with COPD or heart failure diagnosis.

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