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AirDoctor Portable Sterilization Card (Made in Japan) for virus protection (Pack of 2)

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AirDoctor Virus Protection Card - Pack of 2

Isn't the fast-spreading nature of airborne infectious diseases worrisome? Air Doctor is an innovative technology that employs the principle of using chlorine dioxide to dismantle microbial organisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi or even spores from the ambient air. It looks out for us and prevents us from deadly diseases like influenza, tuberculosis, common cold, respiratory infections. 

Product Description:

Chlorine which is known to be a pivotal component of many antiseptic products, like mouthwashes, sanitizers, is there in Air Doctor as well. Once the Air Doctor gets activated it releases chlorine dioxide. Eventually, the chlorine dioxide then binds to the extracellular and intracellular proteins, and by the help of its oxidizing reactions, severely disfigures the anatomy of the cells and renders the infectious agent ineffective. It can be used to vanquish bacteria, viruses, allergic conditions, or common cold episodes. The chlorine dioxide destroys these microbes in less than a minute's time, making it invincible. No microorganism is found to be resistant to it yet. 

Key Features: 

Faster combat: The chlorine dioxide doesn't need to enter into the bacteria, or viruses to kill it. The oxidizing effect of it helps in dismantling the microbe by 30-60s. 

No resistance: Bacteria, viruses, and even fungi have been reported to grow resistant to compounds that have been out for exposure for a long time. No such reports have been lodged against Air Doctor.  

Portability: The Air doctor can be easily transported from one place to another, thereby enhancing the protective coverage. 

A respite for immunocompromised: Immunocompromised patients owing to some diseases, like HIV, or other drugs like steroids or even special physiological states like pregnancy are a higher risk of contracting a severe form of the disease. This acts as a protective shield for these people. Any patient who has succumbed to nosocomial infections, or other states of decreased immunity would be greatly benefited by its use. 

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Brand NameAirDoctor
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Country of OriginJapan

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