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Adjustable Magnetic Posture Corrector Unisex

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While technology brings with it obvious benefits, such as getting more done in less time, consolidating our efforts, and connecting us to others at lightning speeds, it has many drawbacks, as well.   

Sitting down for prolonged periods of time, working on desktops or cellphones can cause problems such as chronic back pain, poor posture, and even potentially deadly diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. If you need to carry this lifestyle long periods of time, posture support is key. 

Posture corrector restores the natural curvature of the spine to relieve lower back pain. Maintaining a good posture enables us to function optimally. It makes our bodies efficient and disciplined.

Product description:

Magnetic posture corrector supports your natural neck and back curvatures preventing any postural misalignment. It works on the principle of Magnetic Therapy which distinguishes the product from other posture correctors. Two Thirds of body Iron is present in circulating hemoglobin. Iron attracts towards positive poles in magnets thus increasing the blood circulation in back and neck. Increased blood supply leads to delivery of more oxygenated blood to working muscles.

So, whether you want to correct your bad posture or simply take a precautionary measure to be on the safer side of things, this back brace is the ideal solution! We suggest you to wear it at least 8 Hours a day for 30 days to check its efficiency.

Product Specification:

Brand: Medansh
Magnets: 10
Fabric: DRYTEX Material
Pattern: White Border with Boss Buckles
Included: 1 Posture Corrector Belt
Type: Back Support
Color: Black

Size chart:

It is important that you choose the right size for you (please measure waist just below navel), to get the maximal benefit from this product.

 Universal size: 29-41 inch

Xxxl: 42-52 inch

 Washing Instructions:

Hand wash with cold water and mild soap.
Dry on flat surface without wringing.
Do not dry clean, iron or bleach.
After-Sale Support:

Meddey is your partner for complete posture correction with wide range of products! Please feel free to speak to our experts for way ahead as this brace is your first step in direction to gain better posture and associated physical and physiological benefits.

Key Features:

Magnetic Therapy
Re-aligns the neck and spine
Maintain an upright posture
Seamless fit
Can be worn inside your clothes
No Bare Body Reaction
Can be worn beneath Clothes
No hindrance or discomfort
Confident look

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