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AccuSure Infra Red Digital Thermometer FR800 - Easy and accurate No-contact device

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AccuSure Infra Red Digital Thermometer FR800 - Easy and accurate no-contact device!

Fevers come and go and sometimes we don’t even know. All families need thermometers and with kids around, they become indispensible tools for healthy families. With the new AccuSure Infrared Digital Thermometer, enjoy the convenience of measuring body temperatures at home without the fear of breaking it creating a mess, or spreading infections through skin contact. With the revolutionary no-contact IR technology, detecting fevers early on is easy, simple and quicker than ever before.

Product Description:

An absolute no-contact device, this digital thermometer fires an infrared light to scan the concerned body part to accurately display body temperature. It is as simple as turning it on, choosing the unit of measurement (Celsius or Fahrenheit), pointing at the concerned body area and getting the reading. No need to shake it violently like conventional mercury thermometers, no fear of breaking, and absolutely no contact ensure a very easy, simple and safe method to read body temperatures.

Key Features:

  • Absolutely no contact: Thanks to Infrared Ray technology, this device scans body areas to display temperatures without any contact, thus preventing spread of infection.
  • Selectable temperature scale: Convenience is key, and this device lets you choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, based on what is easier for you.
  • 100% mercury-free: Unlike conventional thermometers, lack of mercury makes this device more convenient. No need to shake, or fear breaking it and spilling the mercury.
  • One-touch operation: Not only is it extremely simple to use, the presence of a single button makes it handy as well.
  • Accurate: Temperature reading is accurate and makes no mistakes.

Note: Keep away from the reach of children.

  • Non contact device
  • Body and Surface Temperature
  • User Select-able Centigrade or Fahrenheit
  • Auto Power off
  • Back light LCD Display
  • Mercury free
  • One touch operation
  • Accurate
  • Can be used for all age groups

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