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ableX Rehabilitation System

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Suffering from an injury can be a traumatic experience, and the following process of rehabilitation can be equally taxing. Since it is a crucial step to help you achieve recovery, it cannot be done away with; but what can be done is to explore a new way of doing things. ableX does just that! World-renowned ableX software effectively revolutionizes the process of rehabilitation. 

Product Description:

The process of rehabilitation can be long and arduous, but with ableX clinically proven rehabilitation comes to you remotely at the comfort and familiarity of your home. ableX helps with a wide range of impairments caused by brain injury, stroke, dementia and more. With a combination of therapy games and handheld control devices, ableX accelerates cognitive and physical recovery. Not only is therapy now more accessible, but it is also more fun! Frolic your way through rehabilitation and reach your goals in no time. Develop confidence and independence in your abilities again. ableX enables you to regain control of your life. 

Key Features:

Plug and play: ableX computer-based interactive therapy games are specifically designed to activate motor and cognitive skills. With just two simple steps you will be ready to breeze through! Install the ableX software, choose from a variety of eight therapy games and voilà!  

Control Equipment: Along with therapy games, ableX comes with handheld controllers that engage the upper limb and stimulate neural activity centres. It positively influences your faculties of cognition, core balance, mobility, attention and language. 

Multi-usage: Crafted to serve the user's best interests – ableX helps patients after a stroke, brain injury and dementia.  

Track your progress: Set targets with your therapist and using ableX's game analytics system, personalise your training routine, track your progress and reach your recovery goals more effectively than ever. 

Clinically proven: ableX is used by specialists, therapists and healthcare professionals worldwide. Over 1,000 patients use ableX in hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and at home. 

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