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Abduction Shoulder Ladder

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Shoulder injuries and ailments are frequent as people encounter endless activities throughout the day. Sudden inflammation of tissues surrounding joints may result in a frozen shoulder.

The human body works on a great self-healing process. But, the right measures ensure timely recovery and safety. 

With the abduction shoulder ladder, keep the achy pain at bay! It allows maintaining better posture until the affected area heals properly. The ladder works as a support system for patients undergoing shoulder surgery, fracture, or injury. 

Product Description:

The abduction shoulder ladder is a piece of great equipment to overcome shoulder dislocations and frozen areas. It's a physical therapy tool that ensures progressive movement range, via the use of fingertips. 

With a few counted steps, the ladder is a quick fix for patients with shoulder ailments. Using finger climbing, a person can heal by providing proper flexion of roughly 90-degrees. 

Experience free motion and increased range of movement with the abduction shoulder ladder. It’s just the tool you have been searching for a while!

Key Features: 

A healer for shoulder trauma : The shoulder ladders allow patients to climb it through finger movements, lowering pain points. 

Acts as a support system : It’s a fantastic instrument to improve motion range. 

Increases motion range : The ladder is perfect for allowing easy and free flow motion of hands. 

Safe usage : The shoulder ladder is completely safe and doesn’t cause any trouble to the swollen area. 

Gets all the recommendations : It gets used in physical therapy clinics and approved by most physicians

 Shoulder Abduction Ladder or Shoulder Ladder is used for the exercises of frozer shoulder

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