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3M Half Facepiece Mask 6200 for protection against Pollution and organic vapour gases acidic

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With the ever growing pollution rates have you ever think how many harmful carcinogenic vapours you are inhaling. Every caution is taken to control the growing pollution due to higher smog levels but everything seems to fail. Masks are one essential winter accessory that you need to survive in this unhealthy environment around you. 3M is a brand you can rely on for all your needs. 3M Half Facepiece Mask 6200 offers maximum comfort and ease of use.

Key Benefits:

  • Medium size version which provides protection against Organic Vapour Gas.
  • It’s quite economical and simple to use
  • It’s lightweight; weighing less than 100gms and can be reused.
  • Low maintenance cost as it reusable.
  • Cartridges are not included. To be purchased separately.
  • 4 point head harness cradle suspension is designed for a comfortable fit.
  • High quality elastomeric material for optimum comfort during long periods of work.
  • Its placed on the middle lower portion of the face which minimizes interference with field of view
  • It has Twin filter design which provides lower breathing resistance. 
  • Gives maximum protection against gases, vapours and particulates.
  • Protection against particulates and vapours and gases at concentrations up to 10 times the exposure limit, when used with approved and properly selected cartridges and/or filters.

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• It’s so comfortable to wear and fixes on just perfectly. Value for money 3 cheers for 3M for launching good products and thanks Meddey for prompt delivery.


01 Jan, 2018

• Breathe free and fresh. No more smelling areas, you can always feel like you are breathing in a clean air purified area.

Krishna jha

21 May, 2018

• I am working with a chemical lab and 3m mask is one good decision our company made for its employees. It life saving for us as we are always exposed to harmful gases and fumes. Thank you 3M..


01 Mar, 2018

• One of the best masks that I have used till date. Just one thing make sure you use it with the filters on otherwise it won’t serve the purpose.

Avnit Shankar Sinha

29 Aug, 2018

• One time investment I would recommend this esp. to all the people living in Delhi. Take care of your Lungs guys..!!


21 Sep, 2018

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