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3M Cast Plaster of Paris BP Galaxy Bandage (Pack of 12)

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3M Cast Plaster of Paris BP Galaxy Bandage (Pack of 12) is a premium quality product from 3M that is made with high-quality materials.  It offers comfortable and free of all types of bacterial infections. Patients suffering from fractures would benefit immediately from the use of this product. 


Used to recover and heal joints and bones that have been fractured.

Specifications and Features:

  • Patients may be able to begin walking sooner.
  • Low exothermic, improves comfort and safety.
  • Most effective for treating joints
  • Assists in the healing process
  • Superior soaking ability
  • Joints recover quickly.
  • Extra strength leads to improved performance and resistance to cast breakdown.
  • Plaster of Paris bandages can be wrapped around affected areas by simply immersing them in water.
  • Quick setting leads to more accurate bone setting and less stress for the surgeon during the procedure.
  • Immobilization of all simple and compound fractures
  • It can help with Bone fractures, joint diseases, osteotomy correction, and clubfoot prevention
  • Intimate Mouldability, which improves patient comfort and allows for more accurate bone setting.
  • Reduces powder loss, improves performance, and provides resistance to cast breakdown.
  • Optimally Creamy
  • Ease of Application

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