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Waldon Yoga Vibrating Massage Roller

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Fast muscle activation and recovery!

Prepared to take your training to the next level? It’s about time you give a boost to your warm-up and your recovery. Bring home this portable Vibrating foam massager that increases your range of motion, flexibility and blood flow significantly. Carry it wherever you want, use it whenever you want.

Product Description:

Athletes always fancy pushing themselves onto greater levels to achieve better fitness. As warm-up and recovery are two important facets of fitness, the vibrating foam roller’s offerings are too hard to refuse for a fitness enthusiast. Not to mention the roller could also be used for a personal massage.

Key Benefits:

Activate target muscles faster for warmup: While doing conventional warm-up takes time to warm up your muscles during warmup, the vibrating foam roller activates your muscles faster and improves the quality of the warmup.

Reduces recovery time: Quite similar to how it activates your muscles, it speeds your recovery time as well by massaging your muscles and increasing your blood flow.

Easy personal massage: As the massager works similarly to a regular massage (more or less), it could be used as an alternative to going for a massage session and can be used at home and office.

Carry it wherever you want: One of the best things about this massager is the fact that you can carry it with you wherever you go. It’s small and compact in size and doesn’t take a big share of space in your bag. 

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