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Wooden Exercise Corner Stair Case With Ramp

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Improve accessibility and therapy with the Wooden Exercise Corner Staircase, featuring a ramp and five-step section with non-slip matting and solid wood handrails. Ideal for physical therapy and exercise regimens.

Key Features :
  • Stair Made by best quality 18 mm ply board & painted Natural wood-polish finish covered with non-slip matting.
  • Handrails made by Solid wood constructed frame work and painted Natural wood-polish finish
  • One section has five steps i.e 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm and 17.5cm in height and 25cm deep, leading to platform of 60cm x 60cm.
  • Other section has a ramp, rising from 2.5cm to 60cm. Steps, Platform & Side supports are made of commercial board with hardwood reinforcement.
  • Hand Rails & supporting bars are made of solid hardwood


  • Product: Wooden Exercise Corner Staircase with Ramp
  • Material: 18mm ply board with natural wood-polish finish
  • Handrails: Solid wood with natural wood-polish finish
  • Steps: Five steps of varying heights (7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, 15cm, and 17.5cm) and 25cm depth, leading to a 60cm x 60cm platform
  • Ramp: Rises from 2.5cm to 60cm
  • Construction: Steps, platform, and side supports made of commercial board with hardwood reinforcement; handrails and supporting bars made of solid hardwood

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is the primary purpose of a Wooden Exercise Corner Staircase with Ramp?

A: The primary purpose of this staircase is to provide a versatile platform for a range of activities, including physical therapy, exercise, accessibility improvement, and rehabilitation.

Q: Are there specific weight limitations for using this staircase for exercise or therapy?

A: Weight limitations may vary by manufacturer. It's important to consult the product manual or manufacturer's guidelines to ensure safe usage.

Q: How can the varying step heights benefit users during exercise or therapy?

A: The varying step heights allow for customization of exercise or therapy routines. Users can progress from lower to higher steps as they improve their strength and mobility.

Q: Is the staircase easy to clean and maintain, particularly in clinical or therapy settings?

A: Cleaning and maintenance may vary by the type of wood and finish used. In clinical or therapy settings, it's advisable to follow hygiene guidelines and practices for regular cleaning and maintenance.

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