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Whirlpool bath size 20x36x27 inch

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The Whirlpool Bath, sized at 20x36x27 inches, offers a rejuvenating experience. Constructed with heavy gauge steel, it features a motorized turbine ejector, aerator, digital temperature control, and an immersion heater. Ideal for holistic body treatment, it caters to various individual needs, addressing conditions from hips and back to upper back, neck, and shoulders.

  • Construction Material: Heavy gauge steel sheet with a bright finish or Powder Coated.
  • Turbine: Vertically mounted 1/2 hp electric motor, Turbine Ejector-Aerator.
  • Size: 20x36x27 inches.
  • Water Heater: Special Heater with cover.
  • Temperature Control: Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller.
  • Drainage: Efficient drainage system; no plumbing required.
  • Power Supply: 220V AC.
Key Features:
Sturdy construction with heavy gauge steel.
Motorized turbine ejector and aerator for a revitalizing experience.
Digital temperature control for precise settings.
Immersion heater for added comfort.

Frequently Asked Question:
Q: What is the construction material of the Whirlpool Bath?
A: The bath is constructed with a heavy gauge steel sheet, either with a bright finish or Powder Coated.
Q: How is the water temperature controlled?
A: The Whirlpool Bath features a digital temperature indicator cum controller for precise temperature settings.
Q: Is plumbing required for drainage?
A: No plumbing is required as the unit comes with an efficient drainage system.
Q: What conditions does the Whirlpool Bath address?
A: The unit is designed to treat the entire body and is beneficial for conditions ranging from hip and back issues to upper back, neck, and shoulder problems.
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