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Vissco Cervical Traction Kit with Weight Bag Sleeping - Universal

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The Vissco Cervical Traction kit is a perfect tool to deal with persistent spondylosis, or a lot of other cervical complications. Comprising a lot of elements like a head holder, durable cords, pulley brackets, and of course, weights and spreader bars, the Vissco Cervical Traction Kit to be used on recommendation in spondylosis cases. 

Product Description 

Vissco Cervical Traction Kit is an amalgamation of various tools to aid in better posture. It has a great number of elements such as head holders, cords, pulleys and so on, as will be mentioned below. Each element has its own use. For example, the head holder is required to keep the head in a steady position, the cords provide additional support, the pulleys aid in lower physical resistance, and so on Iit is a must-buy for the right audience. 

However, it is to be noted that the Vissco Cervical Traction Kit should only be used after recommendation from one’s assigned doctor. 

Key Features

Cervical Traction Head Holder: It is important to hold the head in a position so as to place the user in a comfortable position to minimise pain that arises due to spondylosis. 

Cervical Traction Cord: Additionally, it is important to stretch the spinal muscles in such a way so as to provide relaxation, and therefore, ease of pain from spondylosis. 

Modified Medipedic Pulley Bracket: This is required to provide additional support to the structure. The Vissco Cervical Traction Kit is a truly capable device, in this regard. 

Cervical Traction Spreader Bar: The bar is an integral element to hold the cervical area in position, thereby minimising the pain that might be inflicted owing to spondylosis or similar issues. 

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