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Vissco Auxiliary Crutch Pair - Large

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Moving around after accidents or post-surgeries may not appear easy. People undergoing lower limb operation or fracture require walking or moving aids. 

In such instances, the Vissco Auxiliary crutch pair saves a life! 

These crutches allow improvement in mobility and reduce pain. With the feather-like weight, opt for these aluminum walking aids for optimum functioning.

Product Description:

Vissco’s Auxiliary crutch pair ensures balance for patients requiring support post-surgery. With the universal fit, any age group can use it seamlessly for a comfortable walking experience. 

People suffering from never instability, cerebral palsy, or limb injuries find it a perfect option for balancing. Moreover, the height adjustment option helps users to customize the crutch pair as per their wish. The large shape availability fits the tallest of all easily. 

Walk into a better experience in life with Vissco’s Auxiliary crutch pair for optimum support and strength!

Key Features: 

Light-weight material – Made with aluminum of extraordinary grade, it’s extremely light-weight and easy to carry. 

Durable for long-time – With the adjustable height feature, the walking aid offers maximum load-bearing ability and durability. 

Finds universal application – Irrespective of the age gaps or gender, it gets used for all patients. 

Ensures endless mobility – With the anatomical shape and durable material, the pairs allow enhanced movement capacity. 

Allows better grip – The crutch pair has a hand-grip feature for better support and strength. 

Cushioned padding – The walking aid comes with a layer of cushioned pad to allow comfort and improved range of motion. 

Doctors recommend for use – Physicians prescribe using the Vissco Auxiliary crutch pair to patients post-surgery or injury in legs. 

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Brand NameVissco
Brand OriginIndia
Address of entity517, 5th floor, Tulsiani Chambers, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400021
India Helpline Number8586012345
Country of OriginIndia

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