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The Sims Vaginal Speculum is a manual speculum used to see the female reproductive tract by the surgeon. It can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you a better view of the vaginal walls. Frequently used in gynaecological diagnostic procedures.

  • Beveled blades for improved visibility
  • Long handle for a secure grip 
  • Light weight for easy handling
  • Our Sims Vaginal Speculum has a unique square design that doubles as a dual-ended device, allowing access to the vaginal wall, cervix, uterus, and uterine contents. 
  • It has a smooth surface with a blunt tip that makes it easy to slide through the vagina. The instrument's smooth outer curves help protect the surrounding tissues.
  • The opposite end of the speculum serves as a handle for optimal instrument control.
  • It is possible to disinfect and reuse the device.
The Sims Vaginal Speculum comes in three sizes to accommodate varied anatomical needs.

 Product  Vaginal Speculum
 Specialty Gynecology & Obstetrics
 Product Name Sims
 Instrument Profile Double Ended
 Material Metal
 Reusable  Yes

Vaginal Sims Speculum FAQ

Q: What is a Vaginal Sims Speculum?

A: The Vaginal Sims Speculum is a gynecological instrument used by surgeons to visualize the female reproductive tract during diagnostic procedures. It features beveled blades, a long handle, and a unique square design that allows access to the vaginal wall, cervix, uterus, and uterine contents.

Q: What are the key features of the Vaginal Sims Speculum?

A: The Vaginal Sims Speculum offers the following features:
Beveled Blades for Improved Visibility: The beveled blades of the speculum enhance visibility by providing a clear view of the vaginal walls and the target area.
Long Handle for a Secure Grip: The speculum is designed with a long handle, allowing the surgeon to maintain a secure grip and control during the examination.
Lightweight and Easy to Handle: The speculum is lightweight, making it easy for healthcare professionals to handle and maneuver during procedures.
Dual-Ended Design: The speculum has a unique square design that serves as a dual-ended device, providing access to different areas of the reproductive tract. This versatility allows for a comprehensive examination.
Smooth Surface with Blunt Tip: The speculum has a smooth surface and a blunt tip, ensuring easy insertion and minimal discomfort for the patient. The smooth outer curves of the speculum also help protect the surrounding tissues.
Reusable: The Vaginal Sims Speculum is designed to be reusable. It can be disinfected and sterilized for multiple uses, following proper medical protocols and guidelines.

Q: What sizes are available for the Vaginal Sims Speculum?

A: The Vaginal Sims Speculum is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The different sizes accommodate varied anatomical needs, allowing healthcare professionals to select the most suitable size for each patient.

Q: What is the material and finish of the Vaginal Sims Speculum?

A: The Vaginal Sims Speculum is made of high-quality metal, ensuring durability and longevity. It has a satin finish, which provides a smooth surface and reduces glare during examinations.

Q: Is the Vaginal Sims Speculum easy to use?

A: Yes, the Vaginal Sims Speculum is designed for ease of use. The long handle and beveled blades allow for secure grip and improved visibility. The speculum's lightweight construction and smooth surface facilitate smooth insertion and manipulation.

Q: How should the Vaginal Sims Speculum be maintained?

A: The Vaginal Sims Speculum should be cleaned, disinfected, and sterilized following standard medical practices before and after each use. Proper handling, storage in a clean and dry environment, and adherence to sterilization protocols help maintain the instrument's integrity and ensure patient safety.

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