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Uristix 50 Regent Strips for Urianalysis

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Uristix Strips are a quick and easy way to test urine for the presence of glucose and protein. Each Uristix is ready to use after being removed from the bottle and is made of firm plastic with a test area containing special chemicals. The entire strip is disposable, and no additional testing equipment is required, making it very cost effective! This product comes in a secure, long-lasting package. Product Specification Brand Name Siemens Number of Strips 50 How to Perform the Test: Gather a small amount of urine in a clean and dry container. Apply this to the test strip, typically by dipping it in the urine sample. Immediately remove the test strip, wait 10 seconds, and read the test result by comparing the colour change on the test strip to the standard colour range for your brand of test strip. The reference colour chart is printed on the container. Storage Keep out of children's reach. If test kit chemicals are swallowed, they can be poisonous. Store these test kits in their original containers. Maintain a tight seal on the container. After using the test product, immediately close the container. Store in a cool, dry location away from heat, humidity (such as a bathroom or shower area), and direct sunlight. Heat-exposed test kits will not function correctly. Test kits should not be stored in the refrigerator t o prevent the product from freezing. keep it away from direct sunlight.

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