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Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor

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The umbilical cord scissor is a gynaecological device that is used to cut the umbilical cord precisely. Because of its secure grasp, the tool is employed before tying the cord and does not require clamps.

The operating scissor's flat blades have narrow edges to provide clean dissection planes. Furthermore, the flat blades cause the least amount of tugging on the surrounding tissue. This reduces the risk of tissue injury in the surrounding area. In addition, the instrument's blunt, rounded ends protect soft tissues.

The blade's sturdy construction allows for easy dissection.
It has finger handles that are ergonomically designed for improved control.
Made of superior quality stainless steel with a satin finish to avoid glare, the streamlined design ensures easy handling. It is possible to disinfect and reuse the device.

  • Ergonomic Finger Handles For Optimum Control
  • Wide Flat Blades To Firmly Clamp The Cord 
  • Sturdy Blades For Easy Dissection


 Product  Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor
 Category  Scissors
 Handle Type  Ring Handle
 Overall Length   10.5 cm – 4 1/4"
 Finish  Satin
 Material  Metal
 Quality Premium
 Reusable  Yes

Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor FAQ

Q: What is an Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor?

A: An Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor is a specialized surgical instrument used to cut the umbilical cord during childbirth. It provides a secure grasp and does not require additional clamps.

Q: How does the Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor ensure precise cutting?

A: The scissor features flat blades with narrow edges, allowing for clean dissection planes. This minimizes tissue trauma and reduces the risk of injury to surrounding tissues. The blunt, rounded ends of the instrument also protect soft tissues.

Q: What are the key features of the Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor?

A: The Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor offers the following features:
Ergonomic finger handles: The scissor is designed with finger handles that provide optimum control for the user.
Wide flat blades: The blades are designed to firmly clamp the cord for precise cutting.
Sturdy construction: The scissor is constructed with durable blades, allowing for easy dissection.
Satin finish: Made from high-quality stainless steel, the scissor has a satin finish to minimize glare and ensure durability.
Reusability: The scissor can be disinfected and reused, making it cost-effective.

Q: How is the Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor used?

A: The scissor is used by healthcare professionals during childbirth. It is employed before tying the cord and allows for a precise cut, separating the newborn from the placenta. The instrument's design ensures a secure grasp and facilitates clean dissection.

Q: Can the Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor be sterilized and reused?

A: Yes, the scissor is made of high-quality stainless steel and can be sterilized using recommended procedures. Its reusable nature makes it a practical and cost-effective choice for medical settings.

Q: Is the Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor suitable for home use?

A: The Umbilical Cord Cutting Scissor is primarily designed for use in medical settings, such as hospitals, clinics, or birthing centers, where childbirth is managed by trained healthcare professionals. It is not recommended for home use without proper medical supervision and training.

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