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Tynor Lumbo Lacepull Brace Special Size - 40-inch to 52-inch

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Lumbo lace pull brace is an advanced brace designed with semi rigid posterior back panel and multiple pulleys driven pull mechanism to emphasize controlled and independent pressuring effects, to stabilize lower back pain.

Key Benefits:

  • It ergonomically braces waist, requires lesser force for old aged users to achieve high compression and immobilization.
  • Recommended specifically for postoperative stabilization and multi level decompression.
  • Lace pull mechanism provides independent pressure on thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. With pulley multiply effect, less force is required to provide a big compression
  • Highly recommended for decompression of the lumbar IVD. Compresses and stretches the abdominal cavity upwards to provide the decompression to Lumbar IVD’s.
  • Front panel can house anterior rigid plate for enhanced decompression of IVD.
  • Rigid back panel improve the immobilization of the entire Lumbo sacral region. Anatomically contoured shape provide posture correction.
  • Ergonomic brace design allows change of degree of compression while wearing. Has highly ventilated body. Provides royal aesthetics and a long functional life. One size fits a large population.


Special size

Measure Circumference around the waist immediately below the navel.

  • Lumbo lace pull brace
  • Advanced design
  • Semi rigid
  • Controlled Compression
  • Independent pressuring effects
  • Stabilize lower back pain
  • Ergonomic design
  • Back  Imobilization.
  • Lace pull Mechanism
  • Anatomical Back Panel
  • Independent top- bottom Pressure Control
  • Highly porous body
  • Postoperative stabilization
  • Multi level decompression

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