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Tymanoplasty Set Surgical Instruments

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The Tymanoplasty Set Surgical Instruments is a comprehensive collection designed for ear surgery. With specialized instruments, including ear speculums, mastoid retractors, nasal forceps, suction cannulas, and more, this set ensures precision and efficiency in Tymanoplasty procedures. The set comes in a durable case with a double silicone mat for organized storage.

Ear Speculum Set of 4 Hartman: 1
Ear Speculum Set of 3: 1
Mastoid Retractor 2x2 Prong 5 Inch: 1
Mastoid Retractor 3x3 Prong 5 Inch: 1
Tilley's Nasal Forceps: 1
Microear Suction Cannula: 5
Hose Cut Suction Adoptor: 1
Mastoid Suction Cannula: 1
Microear Crocodile Forceps: 1
Microear Cup Forceps: 1
Wire Crimper: 1
Malleus Head Nippler: 1
Walkman Retractor: 1
Micro ear needles: 4
Micro ear Specle Knife: 1
Micro ear Rinol Knife: 1
Micro ear Flag Knife: 1
Micro ear Scissor: 1
Instruments case with Double Silicone mat 9 x 8 x 1: 1

  • Comprehensive set for Tymanoplasty procedures
  • Specialized instruments for ear surgery
  • Durable and high-quality materials
  • Organized storage in a case with a double silicone mat
Frequently Asked Question:
Q: How many ear speculums are included in the set?
A: The set includes a set of 4 Hartman ear speculums and a set of 3 ear speculums.
Q: Is the case included with the set?
A: Yes, the set comes with an instruments case featuring a double silicone mat for organized storage.
Q: Are there specialized instruments for mastoid surgery?
A: Yes, the set includes mastoid retractors with 2x2 and 3x3 prongs for mastoid surgery.
Q: Can this set be used for other ear surgeries?
A: While designed for Tymanoplasty, some instruments may be suitable for other ear surgeries.
Q: How many micro ear needles are included?
A: The set includes 4 micro ear needles for precise procedures.
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