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Tuning Fork Combo 128Hz, 256Hz, 512Hz

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Premium quality tuning fork with two prongs or tines and a handle, when hammered tuning forks vibrates and generates musical tone to assess patients hearing loss.

Combo comes with frequencies of 128Hz, 256Hz and 512Hz.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: What is a tuning fork?

A: A tuning fork is a musical instrument consisting of a handle and two prongs or tines. When struck or hammered, it vibrates and produces a specific musical tone or frequency.

Q: How is a tuning fork used in medical settings?

A: Tuning forks are commonly used in medical settings to assess a patient's hearing. By striking the tuning fork and placing it near the patient's ears or on specific parts of the body, healthcare professionals can determine the patient's ability to hear and detect any hearing loss or abnormalities.

Q: What are the frequencies included in the Tuning Fork Combo?

A: The Tuning Fork Combo includes three different frequencies: 128Hz, 256Hz, and 512Hz. These frequencies represent the pitch or tone produced when the tuning fork is struck.

Q: What is the significance of the different frequencies?

A: Each frequency in the Tuning Fork Combo serves a specific purpose in assessing hearing loss. The different frequencies allow healthcare professionals to evaluate the patient's ability to hear different ranges of sounds. Lower frequencies, such as 128Hz, are used to assess low-frequency hearing loss, while higher frequencies, such as 512Hz, are used to assess high-frequency hearing loss.

Q: How is the Tuning Fork Combo used in hearing assessments?

A: During a hearing assessment, the tuning fork is struck and then placed near the patient's ears or on specific parts of the body. The patient is asked to indicate when they can hear the sound and when it fades away. This helps determine their ability to hear different frequencies and identify any hearing loss or abnormalities.

Q: Is the Tuning Fork Combo suitable for both medical professionals and individuals?

A: Yes, the Tuning Fork Combo can be used by both medical professionals, such as audiologists and otolaryngologists, as well as individuals who have received proper training in hearing assessments. It is important to have an understanding of how to strike the tuning fork, interpret the patient's responses, and interpret the results accurately.

Q: Are the tuning forks in the Combo of premium quality?

A: Yes, the tuning forks included in the Tuning Fork Combo are of premium quality. They are designed to produce clear and accurate tones when struck, ensuring reliable results during hearing assessments. The materials used and the construction of the tuning forks are of high quality to ensure durability and longevity.

Q: Can the Tuning Fork Combo be used for other purposes besides hearing assessments?

A: While the Tuning Fork Combo is primarily used for hearing assessments, tuning forks can also be utilized in other areas such as musical therapy, sound therapy, and various scientific and educational applications. However, it is important to note that the Combo specifically caters to frequencies commonly used in hearing assessments.

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